Everything you need to know about Buy Online pick up in-store (BOPIS)

Buy online pick up in store

Nowadays retailers are very fond of the “Buy online pick up in-store” concept. Retailers are using the BOPIS model to reach the ultimate expectation levels of the customers. This is one of the revolutionary ways to bring in customers on foot drive and connect the online and offline experiences of the purchase and sale. According to a recent study, almost 90 percent of the customers tend to avoid online purchases due to high shipment prices and the delay in deliveries.

However, all thanks to Amazon for providing the balance between the online and offline experiences by providing deliveries at a faster rate. Retailers are finally getting the hang of the concept. They are understanding how important the concept is for providing an efficient shopping experience after keeping all the possible shipment hazards in mind. According to a recent study, almost 61 percent of the retailers prefer the BORIS and BOPIS systems. They have kept BORIS and BOPIS at the top priority of their Omnichannel investments and plans. 

As the retail industry is now vigorously pushing on to the BOPIS in their operations, we must understand what exactly BOPIS is and how it functions when it comes to the industrial operations. 

What is Buy Online pick up in-store?

“Buy online pick in-store” is known as BOPIS. The concept of BOPIS has been revolutionized as the consumers have become too busy to come to stores and browse items in person. Consumers nowadays prefer to browse online and shop much more comfortable than just facing the crowd in the store. It is a methodology where the online purchase is combined along with the in-store ordeal. At the same time, it provides convenient shopping experiences.

How does Buy Online pick up in-store functions?

Customers always want that they can complete their order with utmost flexibility. They want that they should be able to make returns or complete their purchase efficiently and without any failure. BOPIS is a key tool that provides with utmost convenience when it comes to fulfilling orders. It enables customers to select items that they want to purchase at that instance and the items which are worth waiting for. Let us discuss the overall procedure

Customers buy the products online from a particular mobile app/website

If you are working with BOPIS, you must create the convenience for the customers to choose items or products that they want to purchase from the online app. Then simultaneously deciding the exact store locations and timing where the customer will be picking up that particular product. This process should be very smooth and convenient for customers. As the customers will have access to real-time inventory visibility, the customer can choose the location and timing for picking up the product. Any slight default in the process can result in overall failure and a disappointed customer. 

The online orders are fulfilled by the stores

If the item or the product selected by the customer is in stock, then an associate from the customer’s chosen store will effectively choose and pack the order to hold for the particular customer. After the whole packing is done, the associate can email or send a notification to the particular customer for letting the customer know that their items are being packed and is ready to be picked up. This saves so much time for the customers as well as the associates. If the order is not in stock, then, in that case, the associate will order the item from their warehouse facility or any nearby store. Then when the item will arrive, the customer will be informed accordingly and they can come and pick up the item at their convenience. 

The order is being picked up by the customer

After the product is being picked and packed by the associate, the customers can go to the designated store and collect their items from the particular store associate. Many stores are even taking this method to an extended level, where the customer can efficiently collect their item without even leaving their car. This is called the “curbside pickup”. Either way, the customer should be guided accordingly through the various steps from picking their order up to receiving the scan code or receipt of the item. They should be provided with clear information about where the product will be in the store and from where they can collect their receipts.

What do you need for offering Buy Online pick up in-store?

After knowing what BOPIS  is and how it functions, you should know whether or not your store has all the essentials that are needed for offering the same methodology to the consumers. Some of the things that you need for BOPIS are discussed below:

An app or website for ordering

The first and foremost requirement is that the retailer should have established an app from where the customers can place their order, connecting the offline and online experience. This app should be built in a way that provides real-time information about the inventory available in the store, creating an enhanced and reliable level of consumer convenience. Now the smart devices and phones play a major role in all online sale and purchase aspects, so, normally, a customer will demand the same assistance in their phone when it comes to BOPIS. The retailers can communicate with customers about the items via push notifications- informing them about each step that is being conducted starting from the instance when the order is being placed to the time when the order is ready for the pickup. All these steps should be accessible and visible through mobile devices.

Minimum one brick-and-mortar location

The “buy online pickup in-store” methodology does not work with stores that only have an online platform. Retailers should have one location where they can fulfill all the online and orders and which will act as a hub where the consumer can pick their items or products. The store location should strategically be selected where the consumer will have the convenience to go while providing huge drives of customer engagement at the same time. 

Inventory capabilities in real-time

Retailers should always analyze their inventories and only then provide their customers with the same. The customers should always get up-to-date items. All the components of the fulfillment system should be combined to create instantaneous analytics on workflows, order statuses, location handling, the overall cycle-time, and consumer engagements.

Buy Online pick up in-store performances in the retail industry

The methodology of BOPIS has proved to be one of the most popular and successful approaches among both shoppers and retailers. There are actual numbers to prove the same. Some of the actual numbers of how customers are using BOPIS and how retailers can benefit from it are discussed below: 

During holiday times, almost 40 percent of the shoppers prefer using the “BOPIS” system

It is known that this time of the year gets the busiest when it comes to shopping for staff. Therefore, it is very common that the shoppers will take full advantage of BOPIS to complete their holiday shopping efficiently and quickly. Therefore, if the customers use the online app to choose their gifts by avoiding the huge crowds at the store, they may use BOPIS to access the store at their comfort.

Almost 68 percent of the shoppers in the U.S. have made multiple numbers of BOPIS purchase

With the ongoing popularity of the “BOPIS” methodology, it is very much expected that customers those are once benefited from the BOPIS process, will be bound to use the same process for their future purchases. As they experience the convenience of choosing items at the comfort of their homes, they would be eager to do so in the future too. Almost 50 percent of the people surveyed have recorded that they shop online based on their convenience of pickup. 

48 percent of the surveyors responded that they use BOPIS to avoid the huge shipping process that is charged for the delivery

Most of the customers avoid online purchases due to the high shipping process that is charged. Almost 65 percent of the consumers are said to add items to their cart only after analyzing the shipping prices. Many customers add only those items that come with free shipping. This is the reason why BOPIS is great when it comes to saving money and time from both the customers and the retailer’s perspective.

83 percent of the customers who use BOPIS have picked up their orders at the cash register

Although customers who are using the BOPIS system opt for picking their orders at the stores. However, they can also choose where in the store they will pick their orders up. Almost 63 percent of the customers prefer the curbside pickup and almost 53 percent of the customers want their items to be delivered to their respective trunks. 

Why customers are preferring Buy Online pick up in-store?

No shipping prices are charged

The most important aspect that is attracting the customers the most is that the shipping is free. If the customers are using the BOPIS method, they don’t have to pay any shipping charges. If the retailers are not offering any shipping charges, then it can be quite expensive for the customers to have their items delivered at their doorsteps. By using the BOPIS, the customer can save both money and time by actually picking their orders from the store after they have ordered it online. This will help them save the high shipping charges.

Quicker services

It is always better to order an in-stock product and then have it ready for getting picked up within an hour rather than waiting for two or more days for an Amazon delivery to come. Getting the items faster is essential and a key to customer delight and BOPIS can offer that. 

In-stock insurance

Buy Online pick up in-store” offers a type of insurance that the customers will get the exact item from the stock from the exact retail shop at the time of delivery. A customer will never want a product to unavailable at the time of delivery, after selecting the items online. BOPIS assures that the items are ordered are the items delivered.

How Buy Online pick up in-store are benefiting the retailers?

Retailers are gradually realizing the benefits that the BOPIS system poses. Thus, they are taking advantage of it and trying to implement the same for further success. Some of the advantages that the retailers are benefiting from are discussed below:

Extra purchase from the customers

When the customers come to the store for picking up their orders, they may be tempted to browse the store and finally end up buying more stuff. On the other hand, they have missed out on adding some items in the cart. Whatever may be the case, it is the most suitable opportunity for increased sales.

Less shipping costs

While delivering an item, the overall transportation and packaging costs along with labor can be expensive for the retailers. Retailers can save their money and time if the customers are picking their orders from the store itself.

Effective inventory management

While using BOPIS, there is no need for a separate in-store and online inventory system. Orders can be completed directly from the store shelves or distribution centers, where the retailers have access to a larger inventory system. By optimizing and combining both the systems, retailers can have access to better insight into the items available in the store.


BOPIS is a revolutionary method that is helping retailers to increase their sales worldwide. Retailers are gradually realizing the value of the BOPIS system and are trying to implement it in their business operations. The BOPIS system not only enhances inventory management but also offers customer satisfaction.

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