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Same Day & Next Day delivery with SND
Book it and see for yourself!
69% of consumers are likely to say bye-bye
to their cart if the delivery is delayed by 2 days!
SND Services that provide your customers with What they require, When they require it!


Your order is picked up and delivered to your customers the same day with SND. So now you get to deliver consumer satisfaction too! Boom ✨


What about late-night orders? You're covered with our NDD option. If your consumer placed an order at dusk, we will have everything delivered to them by dawn! (Not exactly dawn, but the next day hehe)

SND Region

Same city, different region, next day delivery? Yeah, that looks like SND’s job. Orders from 200-250 km away are delivered the next day, how convenient is that?

SND Metro

Delivering to another metropolis city? SND's got a speedy delivery for that too. Shipments from one Metro city, delivered to another Metro city the next day.
Most importantly!
We focus on increasing your delivery rate
And making your business grow in a SNAP!
Oh, Wait! We do more than just need based delivery. Here’s what:
  • Reduce Customer Queries
  • Reduce RTO rate by 60%
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Reduce Inventory Storage
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Reduce Delivery Time
Your vision is our mission…
Skyrocket your customer ratings!
Turn your customers into happy referrals
Gain visibility like that of moon in the night sky (P.S. your competitors are the night sky)
Give your tribe the royal treatment with exclusive access!
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