Mistakes to Avoid While Reducing Logistics Cost

Mistakes to avoid while reducing logistics cost

The most common and biggest mistake that is made by the businesses is that they focus more on quality, quantity, or cost rather than on value. Value combines the best aspects of both worlds. The primary focus should be on able to charge the best prices while maintaining the quality and vice versa. However, the shipping companies mostly fail to do so and end up compromising on one on either of the elements by cutting out corners. These shipping companies mainly try to cut out the big edge on the cost factor. As a result, it ends up compromising the quality of the products. Less cost can bring in more profits, but you need to keep in mind that quality sells more. If the sales itself decreases, then the profit margins are bound to fall. This pushes the situation to be worse than before. Let us discuss some of the primary mistakes that are made while reducing logistics costs.

A business needs to analyze all the pointers before taking decisions on cutting out edges for their benefits. They should have an unbiased view of the fact of what is actually right and what really needs to be improvised. Several common mistakes are made while reducing the cost of the logistics and as a result of some mistake the companies end up bearing more money and failure of shipping software.

4 absolute mistakes that should be avoided while reducing logistics costs

Let us clear the mist over this mystery by discussing the four most primary mistakes that are made in the logistical ventures.

“Do it yourself” decisions

The foremost mistake type in any business is the DIY list. Businesses forget that not everything can be done at the same time. They tend to ruin it by trying to accommodate everything under the same roof. The in-house logistics may allure you to think that they might help you in cutting edges in the logistics cost, but you need to think this through. Is this going to help your business grow or will it increase the profit margins? You are investing more and more time to maintain the logistics department by bringing more and more resources. These might be robbing you from investing your time in the right place. You should focus more on improvising the core functions that will uphold your business.

Overlooking the custom standards

Due to a lack of attentiveness during the classification of the administrations on the invoice, many businesses end up paying more tax duties than they were supposed to pay in the first place. You need to have more knowledge of the custom standards related to the goods and administrations that you are dealing with. If there is any default then the difference in the amount will be more noticeable in case of smaller shipments while the larger shipments can save some considerable amounts for your business.

Procurement errors

These errors result in refunds and returns. These errors can be a big blow to the bank if it occurs quite often. Procurement errors occur due to the lack of supervision in terms of packaging, inspection, and documentation. If your shipment process fails due to shipment of the wrong size of the product, or wrong color of the product, or if a product has a missing part, you are bound to repeat the whole shipment process, which will result in having to spend double the amount of shipment. 

Primitive technology

If you are using a technology that does not provide you with seamless integration and complete automation, then there is a hundred percent chance that you are using primitive technology. Using a primitive technology can have a huge negative impact on your accounts more than you realize. Manual work is way too primitive and insufficient for your business in this technical era. It is not only time consuming but also is very prone to mistakes and errors. It is also one of the primary reasons your shipments are delayed that often. You need to have a complete integrated system to keep your internal data with complete security. An un-integrated system runs a risk of leaking your data.

Logistics mistakes made by the small businesses while reducing costs

Having to work in smaller corporate fields can be quite detrimental for both the logistics personnel and management. Depending upon the contracts that you get, you may not have a large base of long-term loyal customers. This affects the growth and development of the company. If you have a small business and even if you have not shipped overseas, there is, still a possibility that your company makes tons of logistical mistakes that are preventing your business from expanding beyond. 

Executive management is not proper

If you are putting a non-logistic person in charge of your logistical operations, there is bound to be errors. A person who is completely unaware of the field will not be significant to carry out such a crucial job. You should always recruit trained personnel for handling logistics. Logistics is one of the important parts of your company, so you might as well be very particular about it. 

People who do not have any experience in logistics are likely to be lost while scheduling the date, the load of paperwork, and the shipping manifest. There is always a probability of mixing up important documents. As small businesses already work on a tight budget, they must make sure that the people that are working for then know what they are doing. As your company is not a big corporate field, simple mistakes can cause a lot of problems in the whole business operations. You must be careful enough to transition personnel to a newer post and develop a team that believes in cooperation rather than individualization.

Miscalculating costs

You should have the proper knowledge of the various shipping costs of different countries. Miscalculating costs can cost your company a big time and can come back as a revenue loss that you cannot afford. Therefore, you must work on building strong bonds with reliable shipping companies. This is crucial if you do not have a distribution chain of networks of your own. These relations will help you and your clients to get reliable shipping services and sometimes discounted shipping services when needed. The same rule applies to the miscalculation of the price of the goods according to the customer’s needs. 

Lack of complete automation

Automation is one of the major aspects of today’s business and shipping industries. It is very hard to track all your orders and shipments if you do not have suitable software to hold it up. Logistics is way different from online businesses that are prone to mistakes and errors. Your customer will expect instantaneous feedback on the shipment processes and when exactly the products will be delivered to them. You must set up a specialized software to avoid errors. This will also help you build a large base of loyal customers and also in reducing logistics cost.

Insignificant shipping plans (International)

Shipping anything internationally is quite a complex process that it seems to be. You need to identify the most suitable routes and shipping companies that will come at an effective price. The logistical part of shipping products online is much more prone to mistakes and errors than any other type of business. Before you ship anything serious abroad, you must do some trial runs to see the significance of your delivery. You should also find out your companies niche via specialized websites and partners. Knowing what others are suing for completing the delivery will help you to pinpoint the means that you can use while shipping overseas. Failing to do the same can result in returned shipments, revenue losses, even legal actions that can be taken against your company.

Ignorant of the market

It is important to stay true to the roots of your company, but at the same time, it is very essential that you follow the industrial trends. When it comes to the shipping and logistics industry, it is changing and upgrading every day. Thus, newer shipping techniques are also being developed and implemented. You need to make sure that you have complete knowledge of what your competitors, clients, and even partners are working with. Even small changes in the logistical operations can save you big time in terms of money and time in the long run. Make sure that you are open to any new change that comes along the path and makes sure that you follow the latest trends when it comes to handling logistics and shipments.


Therefore, if you are making any of the above-mentioned mistakes, then it is high time that you try to rectify it in order for your business to grow and develop. It is very important to find the best shipment providers. A suitable provider will help you process your business in a better way and powers your business with updated and integrated technological systems. You must get an e-commerce shipment software for the complete automation of the systems. 

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