E-commerce Sellers Safety Measures from

Coronavirus #COVID-19

Preventive Measures:

While you may continue your business, it is necessary to take precautions. We may not be a part of finding the cure, but the least we can do is help prevent the spread. Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts while you continue to work from your office or home and before you send out your parcels. Since there is not enough information about the virus, it is always better to stay safe.

Precautions for E-commerce sellers:

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 sec. Don’t forget to use sanitizer before and after cooking, using the bathroom, sneezing, and coming from outside.
  • Take precautions when you are out in the public. If you have children below 18, you need to be extra careful. In this age, they are more susceptible to the disease.
  • Carry a mask and put it on if you see anyone sneezing, coughing or showing and similar symptoms. It is recommended that you wear a mask all the time.
  • Avoid Crowded places and reconsider your visit to international countries.
  • Sanitize your computers, keyboards, desks and all other stationeries that you may be using.
  • Frequent disinfecting of the warehouses are important.
  • Ensure the products you are shipping are sanitized and packed hygienically. We have a responsibility to ensure we do not spread the virus to others through our businesses.
  • Offer no-contact delivery to your customers. Delivery boys will leave the parcel at a safe place instructed by the buyer.
  • The delivery person must wear gloves and masks whenever they go for any delivery.
  • Take alternative delivery addresses from your customers as many may be working from home currently and may have given default addresses of work or vice versa.
  • Ensure that your courier companies are taking necessary measures to maintain safety, hygiene, and prevention of the spread.
  • Deliveries are suspended in many regions and pin-codes. Please check the delivery pin code status before shipping the parcels to save delivery/return costs.
  • Any employee showing mild signs of illness should not be allowed to handle product shipping.
  • Do not panic. Panic can increase your heart rate and can cause other diseases and wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
  • Don’t self treat yourself. If you are showing signs of fever or flu, consider visiting a doctor before you take paracetamol or antibiotic. Ignoring minor symptoms can lead to something big.
  • Do not touch your face, mouth, and nose. Doing so can cause the virus to enter your body.
  • Do not use common towels, soaps, and handkerchiefs. Keep all the clothes washed and separated from other family members.
  • Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not allow your colleagues, friends, teammates to come to work if you see they have any symptoms of cough, fever or flu.
Thank You! Stay Safe.
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