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Top 10 Most Demanded & Top Selling Products In India Online

Most demanded products in India

With the ecommerce industry in India expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026, you can only imagine the scale of operations going on now. As a matter of fact, the market grew by 38.5% in the year 2020 alone. From local and international giants entering the market to small and regional players going pan-India, you name it, and it is sold online. Wondering what products are selling the fastest? Here is a round-up of 10 bestsellers! 

Top 10 hot selling products


The likes of Myntra’s End of Reason Sale is one of the reasons why clothing has gone from being a popular item sold online to being at the top of the table. Grabbing nearly 35% of the market share of all online sales, apparel isn’t just much loved from sale to sale, but also throughout the year.

Social media is another factor that has played a pivotal role by making people conscious of what they wear, what they don’t and what they repeat. Staying on top of trends is indeed paying off well for ecommerce retailers in the business of clothing. 

Cell Phones

Mobile phones have gone from being a medium to communicate to being one of those things you just can’t leave the house without! In fact, you can’t even be in the house without one. With remote working on the rise, the need to stay connected, be seen on good cameras and have long battery life has resulted in high sales. More so, the mobile being often sums up our world within it. From payments to emails to calls to video streaming, our lives are led via our mobiles.

Undoubtedly, making it a high demand product. People are easily able to compare one phone with another and get the latest news on new launches right from an ecommerce website. Couple that with offers like free warranty, discounts, etc., available online, and you’ve got yourself a rewarding business. 

Stationery and Books

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is the fact that we humans need to be constantly occupied in order to never get bored. And one of the best ways to do so is by losing oneself amidst the pages of a book. No wonder the lockdown has increased sales of something that we already love. From new titles to old classics to reprints to limited editions, ecommerce has made book buying a lot easier.

Comparing prices and reselling is also one of the reasons for the rapid rise of books being sold online. And with traditional brick and mortar bookstores listing themselves online, this trend is all set to expand. Not to forget the love for quirky stationery that has turned graphic designers into full-fledged business owners selling their own brand of custom stationery. 


If you thought a mobile phone was popular, you’re just at the top of the iceberg. There was a time when owning a landline, refrigerator, and air conditioner marked your status. And now is a time when youngsters and seniors alike are chasing all things smart – smart televisions, smartwatches, smartphones, smart portable devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc, and even smart homes!

The pandemic has increased this buying with the rise of work from home. The need to own a personal laptop. Wifi devices, printers and more have paved the way for the online electronics market quite well. 


A man may be known by the shoes he wears but a woman can never have enough shoes. Footwear completes an attire and stylish footwear elevates one. While slippers, shoes and sandals have always ruled this segment, fancy heels, boots, etc are soon making their way keeping in mind people’s affinity for international trends. Sites like Myntra have over 5000 styles of footwear listed. No wonder they say it’s paradise! 


While many people still prefer buying jewellery from a store and be physically present to look, feel and buy the product, the times are changing. Working professionals who aspire to own jewellery may not have hours to dedicate to jewellery shopping. More so, in-depth zoom in, mention of the cut, carat, colour, and quality, alongside quick, safe and transparent delivery is what helps people often compare their pieces online. 

Beauty and personal care

The likes of Nykaa and their quick success has made it clear that come rain, shine or even a pandemic, nothing can stop Indians from looking and feeling stylish. Creams, face washes, moisturisers, face serums, body oils, body mists, lip balms, gels, etc have become extremely popular all thanks to frequent sales, cheaper online deals, free gifts and an increasing variety. 

Toys and Games

A child can never have too many toys. A lesson that many ecommerce companies are profiting from. Especially with the kids learning from home, free time has considerably increased. And with working parents, the convenience of buying toys online and getting them home-delivered has spurred the growth of the toy segment in the right direction. Speaking of working parents, even young adults are loving board games, especially when staying indoors has become the new cool. 

Home Decor

Curtains, cushions, covers, bedsheets, showpieces, rugs, carpets, lights, frames, and whatnot, who doesn’t love customizing their space to their liking especially when crazy deals are available online! Famous home decor game-changers like Ddecor and Welspun SPACES have also joined the online race. Truly, spoiling the consumer with a host of beautiful choices! 

Baby care products

New moms are already pressed for time with the newborns keeping them awake, tired and super busy. This is where the sheer ease of ordering baby care products online and getting them delivered right to their doorstep has come in handy. Not just baby clothes and toys, even baby food formulas and diapers are available for bulk buying online. 


What are the trending products to sell in 2021 in India? 

If you’re deciding on how to enter the growing ecommerce market in India, consider selling public favourites like clothes, shoes, electronic appliances, and beauty and wellness products. 

What are the most demanded products in India? 

By far, the product with the highest growth rate and the largest market share of ecommerce business is apparel. With ample choices available like men’s clothing, women’s clothing, clothes for babies and children, fashion accessories and more, it is indeed a lucrative market to enter. However, we recommend carving your speciality by launching your own brand of unique designs or print or taking charge of the online sales of a popular existing brand. 

What are the most profitable products to sell online?

Apparel, skincare products, fitness equipment, household appliances, footwear and more are some of the most profitable products you can sell online in India. 

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