International Courier Services in India (Updated 2021)

International courier services in India

One of the reasons that we love when our relatives come over is the gifts that they bring. 

Especially if the gifts are from abroad, Brought by the lovely NRI aunty. Now imagine, you can send something to her from your country without even leaving your home because an international courier makes it possible. 

And why just stop sending the occasional gift? Sell your products to buyers located anywhere in the world. Make your business go global. Ship internationally with the magic of quick, reliable and efficient international courier services in India. 

Whether you’re a business with a legacy or a start-up with dreams, an international courier will help you build, grow and expand your business all over the world. Strongly suggested for e-commerce sellers who wish to expand their product market beyond India. 

Importance of planning a budget for International shipping

Regional, national, or international shipping is an added cost to your business. And the scale of your shipping will determine if the cost is high or low. 

Since international shipping opens up avenues across the globe, the costs are considerably higher. Therefore, before finalising a company to ship your products overseas, consider a few things – the added cost of customs, massive paperwork and clearances required, extra-sturdy packaging to survive different weather conditions, delivery speed, customer service representatives India and abroad, etc. 

So keep a separate budget for shipping internationally before taking any step further. Always keep some extra room for the budget since any development abroad can risk your package being stuck or lost. 

List of best international courier services in India



Whether you’re shipping a pair of sportswear to a client in Singapore a heavy-duty machine to Japan, or a small package to a remote corner of Manipur, DHL’s extensive logistical network enables it all. With delivery options all over India and 220 countries overnight, DHL is a formidable name in the international shipping industry. Railway, ocean, road and air freight, name it all, DHL has made its presence felt.

With its workforce at 35,000 strong, you can imagine its scale of operations in India and abroad. And not just that, they fall in the range of providing affordable shipping services across the globe, making them accessible to companies of all sizes.

DHL specialises in pocket-friendly freight transportation, easy customs clearance warehousing, packaging and repair, customised shipping, and global supply chains and express delivery.



With offices in Mumbai, Dubai, the USA, Canada, China, and the UK, DTDC is an international courier service provider that covers 240 countries as part of its global delivery radius.

It is a preferred company for inbound and outbound shipment services. Their international services can be broken down into two categories: Express services and Cargo services. As part of its Express service, it expedites delivery of time-sensitive documents via air and air parcel delivery of non-sensitive documents/things through swift customs clearance across countries.

Its cargo services include door-to-door delivery, door-to-airport delivery, and airport-to-airport delivery. It’s also one of the few companies that provide international cash on delivery services. 



An industry leader in the field of international shipping, FedEx provides express transportation services to over 220 countries and is responsible for connecting markets that comprise 99% of the world’s gross domestic product. It is also the most well-known for a courier from India to the USA.

However, more than its vast network, FedEx is known for its consumer’s invaluable trust. Whether you’re shipping a package or receiving one, FedEx assures timely and untampered delivery of your products. Another reason for the company being on top is its evolving mindset. The launch of fax machines had declined their business by 50%. But when adversity struck, FedEx went into research mode and decoded that not everything can be faxed.

Hence they expanded their services from simply shipping documents to transporting parcels quickly and reliably. While it may not be the cheapest international courier service in India, it is definitely the most trusted one. 



If your package is required to be shipped ‘super fast’, Aramex is who you should count on! Based in Dubai, it specializes in the door-to-door shipment of the package within 24 hours, especially in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Trusted by millions of customers from all over the world, it offers a variety of services like e-commerce, logistics, small business solutions, drops and ship, shop and ship, and information management., making it your one-stop solution for all shipping needs. Catering to over 650 cities and employing more than 15,000 employees worldwide, Aramex is a reliable international shipping partner for businesses. 


UPS courier

United Parcel Service is based in the USA and is well-known for its guaranteed express shipping. When the package at hand is time-sensitive and needs to be delivered urgently, UPS ensures the fastest delivery, and often even same-day delivery.

As a matter of fact, if your order required special handling, UPS is one of the most accommodating international courier services you could opt for. As part of their value-added service, they also offer delivery options and delivery notifications. While some may consider FedEx as the ruling king of the international shipping world, UPS is quite close and sometimes even ahead.

At roughly 3 billion dollars of net revenue, UPS is a fast, reliable and efficient international courier service provider. 



With 45 million orders delivered in a month, you don’t need us to tell you how popular and efficient Delhivery is. Offering one of the lowest shipping rates and delivering to over 18,000 pin codes, Delhivery has made a name for itself in India and abroad.

It exports and imports from over 150 countries with air express shipping, and sea and cargo shipping. More so, its best industry on-time delivery and low return rates make it a favourite among companies, especially e-commerce business owners. If you’re ever in doubt about a package being misplaced, Delhivery’s 24×7 customer service team is always ready to handle doubts and calm anxious business owners and angry customers. 

How to select International courier services 

How to Select International courier Services

Before you select a suitable international courier service, ask yourself the following questions.

How fast do you need to deliver? 

We all know that customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective of our business. And with each passing day, the customer’s anticipation and our stress level increase. It is because delayed orders will often put off customers, and we may end up losing them forever!

So when you select an international shipping company, check for the speed, rates, and availability of expedited shipping, express delivery, and overnight delivery. Depending on the nature of the business, the product sold and the timeline committed, you may also choose ocean shipping for relatively slower deliveries.

However, please note that all ’express’ services come at an additional cost. While all your deliveries may not be urgent, it’s better to partner with a shipping company that can fulfil urgent needs if required. Additionally, keep an eye out for the weekend culture. If the company doesn’t deliver on weekends, you have to make sure that you commit time to your customer accordingly. 

How fragile is your package? 

The worst thing to happen to your package besides reaching late to the customer is the package itself being damaged. For people overseas, patience is already drawn thin when it comes to expecting timely delivery. And if the package is tampered with, you not only have to deal with angry customers but also have to incur costs of return and replacement. So when you select an international shipping partner, check how they pack the order, how many layers are added, the maximum freight they can transfer, testimonials from other clients, etc. 

Is your product too heavy or too dangerous to ship? 

This question will mainly be relevant to businesses that are into B2B supplies. From heavy industrial equipment to hazardous metalware and chemicals, not all international courier services can transfer these items. Additionally, there are restrictions concerning the weight of the freight, which have to be considered if your product is too large and heavy.  So check for companies that have made a name in the safe handling and shipping of heavy-duty/dangerous supplies. 

What if my products don’t reach the customers?

People’s luggage getting lost in transit is a common thing we hear especially when it comes to international travel. However, international shipping bears the same risks. From a change in the weather to an unforeseen and unfortunate problem, be prepared for times when your package will be stuck somewhere or worse, it will be lost with you having no clue about it.

So before you finalize an international courier partner, enquire about the insurance they extend to their clients. However, it is recommended that you take out an insurance policy of your own also to be extra safe. 

Can I know where my package is at any time? 

Yes, you can! And that is the beauty of tracking. Choose an international shipping company that not only allows the business owner to track the package but also enables the customers to do so. Tracking makes sure that the customer is ready to receive the order and is most likely to be at the delivery destination waiting to pick it up. It also saves unnecessary calls from angry customers asking for an update on their order. 

How expensive is it going to be?  

This is a tough one. One on hand there are companies with spot-on tracking, customer care services and all kinds of express shipping options. On the other hand, there are companies that don’t offer too much but cost considerably less. So choose an international shipping partner based on the nature of your business, the urgency of the order and the value of the order. 

While the companies that offer a seamless experience are pricier, you can try alternative companies and see if the limited-service suits you. 

Is every part of the globe covered in international shipping? 

While big cities of the world are always in the pathway of international shipping, the challenge lies in delivering to places in relatively remote or not-so-developed areas. Based on the nature of the business, check for companies that offer last-mile delivery. Also, check the delivery radius of the company in a particular country before accepting an order from a customer. 

Who will listen to my complaints? 

At the end of the day, your business itself is a customer for these shipping companies. And being a customer, you’re always going to have doubts about the transfer, package condition, and delivery to the customer. So make sure that the international courier service you choose has a good and preferably 24×7 customer care centre. More so, if the exact centre is going to handle questions from your customers, it is crucial to have a large and polished staff. 

FAQs for international shipping services

How do I prepare my package for international shipping? 

Before finalising an international courier services partner, we suggest you try and use one of their services. Take a box, put your product inside it, tape it well, blackout all other addresses, and mention your recipient’s address in a pen or permanent marker. 

Which company provides the fastest international courier service? 

While there is hardly any difference in the express delivery provided by the likes of FedEx and DHL, the cost may vary. Depending on the urgency, the size of the package, the fragility and the mode of transport required, and the place that you want the package to get delivered you can select a shipping company.

Are there international courier services in Mumbai? 

With over 50 companies headquartered in Mumbai that provide international shipping from India to the USA and beyond, you can choose one depending on the nature of your business.