A Few Proven Successful Sales Pitch


A sales pitch is the way to talk to someone so that the conversion is successful. However, you have to understand that if the pitch is not right, a customer might think that you are forcing him or her. People don’t like to be sold to! Too much persuasion can lead to unsuccessful conversions. So what do you do in that case? It can be quite tricky for a salesperson.  

For making sure that your customer ultimately makes the purchase, you have to rethink your pitch. To know more, read the rest of this blog. 

What is the sales pitch?

A sales pitch is a message or a paragraph that would convince your audience to make a purchase or an appointment or at least get a demo. A pitch can be informal, formal, verbal, or written. It sets the tone of the relationship with your customer. A decent sales pitch should be verbal yet casual, friendly, concise, and is valuable for the customer. It shouldn’t be forceful for them! 

There are so many types of sales pitches, such as one-line sales pitches, elevator pitches, phone sales pitches, email sales pitches, social media platform sales pitches, et al, most of which you are unaware of. 

The mandatory framework of a sales pitch

A sales pitch should roughly have the following framework.

  • It should start with the problem that your clients are struggling with. You can refer to the same and start with the pitch. 
  • Then come up with the solution.
  • Do not forget the value proposition.
  • And yes, include facts and data, which are easy to believe in. 
  • Make sure you include CTA.

Sometimes, you even have to use a combination of a sales pitch on the same prospect. For instance, you may have to provide an elevator sales pitch at a conference and send an email pitch to a prospect before finally giving a comprehensive presentation pitch. Make sure you sound convincing and the pitch includes a value proposition. 

You have to ensure that you know your product very well; so that you have answers ready for queries as well. Include social proof of how your product has helped other clients. Share as many customer reviews as possible. Also, invest as much as you can in quality content. If you use an engaging question and CTA, then half the job is done. 

Move the prospective customers to the next stage by saying something like “Let me know if you are interested or if we can move ahead.” The communication should be solid and clear. 

Most people are receptive to stories and information but resist the entire “forcing me to purchase” thing. When you are pitching to a person, make sure that the entire conversation is not forceful. 

So in this blog, we are going to talk about some robust sales pitch, which is tried and tested. Closing a deal is a big thing; so make sure you know why you are doing it. Research well and deliver the best you can. Also, know what exactly you can say or write that would enhance your chances of closing a transaction. 

Some common sales pitches

Elevator pitch

These are less than a minute. They take a small time and hence, are convincing. They detail the key purpose of the product, nevertheless. They are used in networking events, etc. You should focus on telling them why you do this business and what you have to offer! This is called including a USP or unique selling proposition.

For instance, this is the sales pitch (Source: G2) – “G2Crowd is the user voice platform for people to accurately say what they think about software and not be told by analysts or people who don’t use it, or get a reference from the best customer. They actually hear it directly from the user and engage with people who actually use the product.” 

Always remember that shorter is better as it generates interest fast! It should be specific and should include what your product does, what sets you apart, and what are your goals – everything in short! 

Cold call pitches

We are sure that you are worried about this one as the name suggests something annoying – cold calling. But fact says that it is a proven way to connect to your customers. 

Start with a robust line and then keep waffling to a minimum. Make sure you respect the prospect’s time – ask if this is the right time to talk or not. Reschedule the call if they are busy or are at work. Do not make your pitch sound like a hard sell. 

One-word pitches

Next, we will talk about one-word pitches that are quite difficult to frame. It is not easy to fund a single, powerful word that would do it all for your company. So how do you do it? Well, you have to brainstorm a little and then come across words that would talk about your culture, value, and products. 

You can use these one-word pitches on the company website as well. It will help your prospective clients know about what exactly you have to offer or how you work. It will tell a lot about your company. You can also use it in digital media campaigns. Various leading companies do the same to attract customers. 

Email pitches

You can also pitch via email, which is also known as a cold email. A customer receives hundreds of emails every day and thus, yours need to stand out so that it grabs the attention of the recipient. 

Concentrate on making the first part of the mail crisp and attractive. Create a great subject line so that you can easily attract customers. You can use praise and acknowledgment in the mail as people dig for it. 

Follow-Up’s social media pitch

This is yet another must-do pitch that is required to close a deal. You should check the pitches of content market analysts to get the perfect version of what you are looking for. Personalize your pitch by looking at the clients’ LinkedIn or Twitter accounts, which will boost your chances of conversion. You have to personalize the pitches that will take some time as you would be trying to find some insights on their social media handling. You can then contact him or her through social media messaging such as InMail. 

You can introduce yourself via a sales presentation as well. For this, you need to understand the value and framework of writing a good pitch. 

Tips to prepare for a good sales pitch:

  • You have to learn about the client’s current processes and pain points. You have to do your homework on this. This would help you form a good conversation. Try to understand his or her problems and find out the solutions that are going to help the same. You can take help from CRM in order to collect, organize, and share the information. You have to work at it so that you come up with the best sales pitch ever. 
  • To start a proper sales pitch, try to follow a consistent flow. You should have a set structure for your sales pitch. It should be reliable across all sales teams. It makes it much easier to identify what is going on, etc. 
  • In the beginning, try to provide a brief introduction to yourself and your company.
  • Talk about the issue the prospect is facing! Also, mention your end goal of solving the issue. Discuss how your product will help them. You must include data and stats, infographics, pie charts, graphs, etc. that support your claim. It should also include images and diagrams that enhance the explanation of your offering. 
  • Use a sales deck with statistics, visuals, and case studies. And of course, do not forget the CTA. 

Proven sales pitch examples

Adam Goldstein’s two-sentence pitch

We will start with the basic one and that is the ability to create a synopsis or summarize your services or products in a line or two!! 

Well, the CEO and co-founder of travel deal site Hipmunk, Adam Goldstein can. He has a hard time while he was trying to fund his start-up. After that, he reached put to the CEO of United Airlines with the following two-sentence pitch:

was struggling to get funding for his start-up. He reached out to the CEO of United Airlines with the following two-sentence pitch: Hey, we can lower your distribution costs. Let me know who to talk to. “

See what he did there? He obviously got the deal. What we can understand from here is that the shorter and crisper the pitch is, the better it is for you. 

Cuban sales pitch

This approach worked and helped in boosting the number of ticket sales. Cuban bough has purchased the Mavericks worth $280 million. The team has a value of $2.25 billion.

Talk about benefits and not features. Focus on the experience that he or she is going to have. Do not list all the advantages of your product as it can become too forced! 

You can even mention one or two negatives as if you are honest, your prospects would tend to trust you more. They trust a 4.5 rating more than a perfect 5. Do not try to portray that your product/service is just perfect. 

Ryan Robinson’s email pitch

Earlier, we discussed how you can go about with the email sales pitch. Content marketing consultant Ryan Robinson often gets in touch with business houses for his services. This works a lot for him and would do for you too if your email provides real upfront value. He gives a detailed pitch in the email. 

Send a guide or resource that solves a problem for your prospect. Visit his website. Are they looking for a content marketing analyst? If yes, start the email with something that would help him hire or solve the issue.

Parmar sales pitch

Parmar customizes her email by offering a guide on Content Marketing for SaaS, which comes with tips and ideas to help Guglielmo manage her content responsibilities. This works for her! You must add some additional value by customizing the pitch. As we mentioned above, try to look into his or her Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. 

Scrub Daddy’s sales presentation

This one is more in-depth than the ones we have discussed this fur. 

Aaron Krause’s sales pitch presentation on season 4 of Shark Tank is great! Do what should be your takeaway from this? Well, including eye-catching visuals always help. Add sales decks, charts, etc. so that it can get more engagement from prospective clients. 

Mailbox Validator’s follow-up sales pitch

When it comes to follow-up sales pitches, it can be a call, a social media message, or an email. As per Mailbox Validator, you should highlight the points where you met and add a reference to the conversation. Also, CTA should be clear in the email. There should be a sense of urgency in the CTA. 

Always view your pitch as a conversation and you are good to go. This will enhance your sales and eventually, get you meatier profits. 

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