Here Is How iThink Logistics Fixes Order Pickup Delays

How iThink Logistics Fixes Order Pickup Delays

The shipment process is a significant pain point for courier partners and clients in India. Placing an order is the first step in the shipment process and the delivery is the final step that concludes it. Delayed deliveries, parcels lost in transit and receiving broken and damaged products are some of the main problems faced by customers when they place online orders. Let us take a look at the first problem, delivery delays by courier partners, and what can be done to fix the issue.

What causes shipping delays

A lot of different factors can cause shipping delays. Here are some of the most common ones – 

Before that Lets get to know How does online shipping Work

Error in the detail of the shipment address

There is a good chance of an error in the client’s shipment address, which can further lead to delay or cancellation of the shipment for an extended period. The simple solution to this factor is to keep track of shipment addresses to avoid such miscellaneous mistakes.

Shipment is out of the reach of the delivery point

Delay in the shipment due to the delivery partner is unable to reach the delivery spot for some reason. This can be solved with the help of receiving the shipment at a particular location within reach of the delivery partner and the clients. 

Unable to contact the addressee 

When the delivery partner cannot deliver the package due to the unreachability of the client via phone, the delivery agent can leave the shipment at another location ( if instructions are given).

The problem in the transit via the mode of shipment 

The delay in transit can be due to the mode of transit utilized. There is a good chance of the shipment delay according to the slow movement of airways and traffic in general. This delay factor can be solved with proper study and analysis of different modes and logistics for the same. 

Misplacement of the shipment

This factor of delay is one of the rarest cases, however still present in the account of the shipment. The misplacement of the shipment can be caused by poor communication, software error, or mishandling of the delivered product by the logistics. The misplacement of shipment is solved in general after a few data searches. In case of missing shipments, the logistics is responsible for the damage and compensated handsomely. 


There is a good chance of shipment delay in air expresses due to the custom measures of different airways. It takes a reasonable amount of time to get a clearance of the shipment, and it also differs from the type of shipment to be delivered. The customs are subjected to the authorial works and can cause longer hindrance in shipment. 

Poor weather conditions

The weather condition of the place also plays a vital role in the shipment process. Bad weather at a location can cause an unfortunate shipment delay, and it is essential to choose proper logistics to overcome such troubles. 

Other reasons for shipment delays are :

  • The pandemic has affected and still affects deliveries in major parts of India
  • Multiple events across India and external factors related to it
  • Schedule changes and traffic challenges faced by the delivery partners and shipment method
  • Insufficient technology and infrastructure in certain parts of India
  • Port congestion or port strikes
  • Vehicle breakdown during transportation
  • The surge in volume the at logistics hub
  • Geographical factors such as rains, hilly region, etc affecting deliveries

How iThink Logistics deals with shipping delays

iThink Logistics deals with a large number of customers and has a well-established ecommerce shipping system that aims to reduce chances of shipment delays. We work in tandem with the courier partners to prevent possible delays. Our shipments are tracked with e-commerce order fulfilment software to avoid any type of difficulties and uncertainties.

Daily reports

We provide a daily NPR (Non-Pickup Report) that tracks how many shipments are pending for pickup. The order fulfilment software for ecommerce also generates as RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for shipments that are not picked up segregates them into two remarks – 

  • Issues from the client front – Shipment not ready for pickup, office/premises closed, no contact established with the customer, etc
  • Issues from the courier partner front – pickup not attempted, pickup attempted late, incorrect pickup assigned, etc.

Shipment Tracking

We provide our courier partners with the live tracking of the shipment to give the shipment’s exact location. Shipment tracking is one of the most effective ways to overcome and find any possible hindrance in the shipment of a product. Live tracking also allows the courier partner to calculate the estimated time required between the live location and the delivery address. 

Communication with customers

iThink Logistics assists the customer with fast inquiries and solves the problem of the courier partners in a minimum amount of time. Our expert staff helps the courier partner overcome any technical or product delivery-related problems. We also help the customer with their query related to any service specifications.

Partners with multiple courier partners

iThink Logistics works with a wide variety of courier partners to choose the most suitable logistics for the couriers. We provide a deep analysis of courier partners’ performance in different regions with different filters. 

In-depth analysis of routes

iThink Logistics uses the fastest and the shortest possible route to avoid delays during the shipment process. Our dedicated team put all the small pieces together to track all the logistic history under the different routes, which later helped analyze the nature of logistic partners over different routes. 

Eliminating the factorial risks

This element consists of using a variety of datasets that help the courier partner predict the raising standards of the shipment procedure. By utilizing the datasets, the courier partner can choose the best possible logistics, routes, and techniques to reduce the chances of a possible delay in the shipment procedure.

Shipment filters

We also provide a range of filters that help the courier partner pick up the finest shipment logistic sets as per their needs. Shipment filters include- date, time, logistic, courier partner detail, location, description, product type, etc.

Enjoy a smooth and seamless shipping experience with iThink Logistics

Shipment delays are unfortunate but also often inevitable in certain cases. But by partnering with a trusted third-party logistics provider like iThink Logistics, you can greatly reduce shipment delays and enjoy a seamless and hassle-free service. We provide end-to-end shipping services to our customers along with tracking and filters. We also provide complete customer support to our clients at every milestone. 

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