What Do You Mean By Delivery Exceptions

Delivery Exception

We live in an era where consumers get pleased when an order is delivered without delay while buying goods online.

While shipping carriers will ensure that the parcel should be delivered within the given time frame, you must have heard that some circumstances are not in everyone’s control.

But being an online seller, you should be prepared for such events and make your customers aware of the genuine delay as it builds trust and ensures that even though this shipment is delayed, they will shop from you again. 

What exactly is a Delivery exception

A delivery exception is a notice sent to the receiver, informing them that their shipment has experienced a problem while in transit and may cause issues in Order fulfilment. Even with sophisticated systems and shipping carriers, courier services run into problems when your products are in transit.

Regardless of whether the delays were unintentional, customers can become irritated due to the occurrence of delivery exceptions thinking that the shipment might get delayed. However, this isn’t always the case. Even when a delivery exception occurs, some things arrive on time.

When a shipment is momentarily held in transit due to an unforeseen circumstance, 

this delivery exception may affect the order fulfilment of the shipment upon arrival.

A delivery exception is one of the reasons carriers like UPS and FedEx will provide you with an eCommerce order tracking number for your product.

For appropriate customer service and consistent supply chain management, eCommerce organizations and merchants often avoid delivery exceptions as consumers are less likely to be drawn to purchase goods from a company that has a bad reputation for delivery exceptions. As a business owner, it’s critical to stay on top of any eCommerce Shipping issues to adequately meet client expectations and guarantee that things reached when they were intended.

Types of Delivery Exceptions

Types of Delivery Exception

There are different types of delivery exceptions, and each of them affects order fulfilment differently. There are various cargo exceptions, and couriers manage them in different ways.

Damaged label and Incorrect address

Incorrect shipping addresses or broken labels cause delivery management issues.

To avoid this, double-check the address of the receiver before sending.

Even a single incorrect number in a zip code or apartment number can cause complications during the shipment delivery as the shipment is returned to the dispatch station.

After this, a courier aggregator like iThink Logistics reconfirms the order with the buyer and proceeds with the shipment again. This possibility again increases the delivery time and, in turn, results in customer dissatisfaction. 


Due to the increased volume of shipping over the holidays, delivery exceptions are very commonly observed. Ensure that all shipment information, including package weight, dimensions, and pick-up timings, is correct during the peak season. During these times, being meticulous is the best approach to avoid delivery delays during these times.

Deliveries and pick-ups delays

When the carrier is unable to locate the delivery address or the address for a planned pick-up, a pick-up exception occurs. In this case, you should re-submit the pick-up request and give the carrier a new time.

Delivery management difficulties can arise in a variety of circumstances. For example, the delivery may be unable to be accomplished due to a wrong address, Bad weather or natural disaster, broken labels, or the recipient’s inability to sign for the package.

Tips to avoid Delivery Exceptions for your E-commerce shipping

Tips to avoid Delivery Exceptions for your E-commerce shipping

Decide on a minimum and maximum delivery time

You can choose the quickest delivery time to send your order as soon as possible. In order to avoid being under pressure, delivery times must be realistic.

On the other hand, customers should not be put off by delivery times. Customers want to receive their products on time when they place an order.

iThink Logistics’ automated Order fulfilment software can make your task easy. 

Update Inventory

When a customer orders any product that isn’t available, it can be quite frustrating. It is frequently obvious that certain of their products are more popular than others. As a result, inventory needs to be updated on a frequent basis to replace items that are out of stock.

Automated Logistics Software 

Automation has a vital role in reducing delivery times. Investing in automated logistics software can be costly, but it can help you minimize delivery delays. Based on order time, automated software chooses which products to ship. iThink Logistics’ automated Order Fulfilment software can take care of everything.

Prepare for the Holidays

During the holidays, businesses often see an increase in orders and sales. Most delivery firms, unfortunately, do not operate on holidays. As a result, you’ll need to make a different arrangement to ensure that items are delivered on time on such occasions. To avoid delivery delays, send your order before the festive season begins. iThink Logistics is a  shipping software provider that is thorough with its automation and saves your holiday season. 

Employ a Fulfillment Service

The most practical strategy to avoid delivery delays is to hire a fulfilment company service. An order fulfilment service is a third-party organization that stores, packages, and delivers orders on behalf of an e-commerce company.

Hiring an Order fulfilment service has numerous advantages like reducing operating costs, increasing business focus, increasing scalability, reducing delivery delays, and many more. iThink Logistics can get all your delivery woes sorted in a jiffy. With our order fulfilment service, make your ecommerce shipping easy!