11 Major Innovations in the Logistics Industry


Logistics is a complicated sector. Various negative outcomes have given rise to various innovations in the logistics industry. Transforming the e-commerce industry, innovation in the logistics industry is connecting people all over the world, through a managed supply chain. These logistics has made the e-commerce industry’s efforts worth it. They have also reduced cultural differences among people.

The logistics industry has witnessed a lot of twists and turns in its journey. They have pulled off some major innovations in the way they do business.

Technology has left people awestruck and has proved that there is nothing that technology can’t do. These 7 logistics automation programs will transform the way you look at modern-day logistics.

A Virtual calling TechnologyA innovation in the logistics industry

Using AI-driven technology, logistics are introducing software with virtual calling systems. In this method, the company automates a call to its customers to confirm the specifications of a product.

An NDR team takes full responsibility for this. They take care of all the non-delivery of the product. They also resolve all the delivery-related issues. This technology has been shown to reduce return and refund rates to almost 15%.

Automation technology

The automation technique used by different logistics companies uses data-driven software. This is done to improve its operational efficiency. It also helps in streamlining various other logistics operations.

These labelling, packaging, and sorting, along with all other logistics functioning use automation techniques. There are a lot of logistics that even use automation for their entire cargo functioning.

Because of the automation, the overall productivity of logistics increased up to almost 30%. It has added a lot of value towards revenue generation from these online businesses.

The Robotic Technology

The possibilities have been made endless, and several jobs are being performed at once. With an increase in supply chain demands, different logistics are reducing their manual labour forces and switching to robotics. The rising importance of these logistics is leading to the increased adoption of robotics in different warehouses.

3D Printing Technology

Another major innovation transforming logistics and supply chain management is 3D printing technology. It rebalances the labour cost and also reduces inventory management and transportation costs. In this process, the supply chain is localizing the outsourced supply process and is also building its own in house logistics.

The Blockchain Technolgy innovation in the logistics industry

The blockchain is the process of decentralizing computer networks. This helps them to keep a permanent record of the transaction.

It is an extremely effective technology that contributes to a lot of logistic sectors. they allow cost-cutting, data verification, asset tracking and many more. they also help in maintaining accountability for the different logistics sectors.

They also help in taking care of smart contacts and provide compliance.

The digital logistics technology

There are many technologies innovating the logistics business, and this digital marketplace technology is one of them. This technology not only addresses the potential mismatch but also resolves all the issues between supply and demand.

This is leading to a better platform for all e-commerce businesses. They are helping different companies to better utilize their assets. Not only this, but they are also improving the sales rate for retailers and reducing the return ratio.

The on-demand and crowd shipping technology

Various food outlets are using this technology for providing home delivery services. This on-demand technology leverages the bulk supply at a much faster rate and improves the last-mile delivery market.

The crowd shipping process involves the delivery of individual parcels during an ongoing journey that increases the supply rate in the market.

Use of Autonomous Vehicles

This is a great innovation that holds the potential to revolutionize the logistics industry. The autonomous trucks coming into the market are not only lowering the transport cost but are also ensuring the right delivery at the right time.

Use of the alternative fuels

The future predicts the use of alternate fuel. They will provide much more power to the trucks and vans in the years to come. Diesel is probably one of the best fuels and various experiments are still going on to find out a better alternative.

Wearable Technology as an innovation in the logistics industry

This technology is soon going to be a must-have form of technology. The technology doubles the speed of work like packing and shipping. It reduces human labour. It also automates the entire process.

The process has increased logistics efficiency by 25%. It can be expected to improve in the coming years. The process of wearable technology not only reduces hassle but also help in increasing customer satisfaction.

The Use of Drones

This provides a promising benefit to the logistics industry. The process not only eases the coordination from shipment to delivery but are also having a great impact on effective product delivery and can reach every part of the country. The areas include the rural, urban and even extremely remote areas.

The business is changing, along with the future of logistics. These innovations are not only becoming some of the best creations of human beings but are also proving that nothing is really impossible. iThink Logistics is part of one of these innovations. The AI-driven technology used by this organization is reducing return and refund rates. It is also establishing a better customer-seller relationship.


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