5 Value added services to create a seamless post-purchase experience

5 Value added services to create a seamless post-purchase experience

Ecommerce sellers, you’re losing customers! 

Let us explain.

Imagine: You’ve taken up running. 

After hours of research, you’ve finally ordered a great pair of shoes online. Five days later, a delivery partner informs you he’s at your doorstep with the shoes. 

But no one’s home. You didn’t expect an early delivery and had to check if the neighbor could collect it. 

When you try the shoes, you need a size bigger. You opt for an exchange, and a delivery partner comes to pick up the shoes when no one’s home, again. 

Now it doesn’t matter whether the shoes are great; you’re stuck with logistics. 

This is one classic example of an inefficient post-purchase experience. 

A post-purchase experience is a service a company provides after a consumer has purchased a product. 

A customer’s journey doesn’t end at buying. It’s beyond that.

From buyers’ remorse to anxiety, customers feel a range of emotions after shopping.

Of course, receiving a product adds a tinge of happiness to it, but they still look forward to a wholesome experience.

Returns, on-time delivery, updates, and upcoming offers are all a part of the post-purchase experience. 

So, before we dive into how you can develop an excellent post-purchase experience for your ecommerce brand, let’s understand why it’s essential in the first place.

Why you need an efficient post-purchase process

After your customer buys the product, you need to ensure they’re satisfied until and after receiving it. Here’s how a memorable and satisfactory post-purchase experience helps:

  • Enhances customer retention
  • Promotes word-of-mouth marketing
  • Decreases buyer’s guilt about spending money

A thoughtful post-purchase experience reassures customers about their choice. The service, discounts and offers help them believe in the brand and the product.

Post-purchase experience is the lingering aftertaste of shopping with you. It makes your brand reliable and memorable in different ways. Let’s check our favorites:

5 Value added services to enhance your post-purchase experience

1. Show genuine interest in receiving feedback

Feedback helps you understand how the customer perceives your product and service. 

Butternut Box, a dog food delivery brand, calls their customer to understand if their product matches their dog’s taste. They convey all the information needed for further use. Calling helps the customer know that the company genuinely cares about how their product is helping the consumer.


While calling every customer isn’t always optimum, Graza, an olive oil brand, did a great job with an articulate email.

Tip: Customers may avoid a list of detailed and exhaustive questions. Make sure your feedback receiving process is quick and concise. 

2. Clear communication for the win

Customers are excited to receive products. And clear updates contribute to these feelings of excitement and anticipation. 

Cometeer, a coffee brand, notifies the customer about every update, setting clear expectations for them. 

While emails have been a source of communication, customers may prefer other forms of notifications.
Patagonia gives its customers the freedom to choose the channel of communication, which enhances the experience.

3. Easier return and refund policies

Returning an item comes with a fair share of anxiety for customers. A return and refund policy should answer every potential doubt of the customer. 
A survey in 2019 reported that 50% of shoppers define a positive shopping experience with easy returns. Ensure the policy is easily accessible on different pages and in an FAQ section.

With thorough communication, let your customers know how refund and return process work. Leave no stone unturned, like Target.

Tip: Partner with delivery and logistics services whose values align with yours. It makes processes simple for you and convenient for the customers.

4. Offer future discounts and bonuses

Imagine ordering a book and getting a bookmark free with it. It would make you happier, wouldn’t it?

We love receiving more than what we’ve paid for. So add bonuses, whether it’s through loyalty programs or offers. It enhances feelings of satisfaction and makes the service memorable.

Here’s how Doordash offered a surprise discount to its customers to encourage them to shop in the future. 

5. A product-use guide

Your customers need directions and a guide to using the product, irrespective of the product. An informative, friendly, and detailed how-to-use guide raises brand and product awareness. 

Here’s how Away educates its customers about their suitcases while addressing their customers’ common travel fears. 

Post-purchase experience is a fantastic way to build a solid brand image to retain customers.

Next steps

The post-purchase experience makes the consumer feel important, valued and understood. So start by assessing whether your post-purchase experience:

  • Makes processes easier for the customers
  • Consistently updates consumers about the status of delivery, refund, return, etc
  • Addresses feelings of guilt, anxiety, and fear in customers after shopping

So, look no further if you’re planning to sort logistics for your ecommerce store. We’re here to help you create a memorable post-purchase experience for your customers. Reach us out here

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