Shipping Software vs Shipping API – How To Choose The Right One For Your Business?

Shipping Software vs Shipping API

The only thing that is constant in the ever-changing world is change. That is why it is important to keep track of every detail possible, be a step ahead all time possible and take into consideration every little detail. Similar to any establishment which requires to be dealt with a different aspect and In this blog, we are going to take a brief review of such aspect. Shipping management software and API, and check whether you should choose shipping software or API for effective and efficient workflow in your establishment. 

What is shipping software?

A shipping software program helps you connect your promoting sale channels and provide the tools and assistance to prepare and control your orders in the vicinity and create transport labels. Beyond this, the shipping software also provides:

  • Shipping optimization
  • Rate and route tracking
  • A variety of other tools help in the smooth completion of the shipping procedure without any hindrance

Features of shipping software are as follows

  • Label generator
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Comprehensive shipment report
  • Shipping details with charts
  • Shipment type, volume, and mass
  • Integration system with organizational software

The benefits of shipping software are

  • Easy to keep track of shipments
  • Understanding the work field
  • Shipment record 
  • Ease in labelling
  • Minimising the wastage and optimization of resources. 

What is a shipping API?

API refers to  Application Programming Interface. Shipping API is another shipping management software that doesn’t have an interface past its login portal (wherein you may join vendors and examine reports).

A shipping API connects your present internet site or order control device to include vendors’ transport functions into your ongoing tasks and events. It has the same function as shipping software to create labels for shipments. However, it is more suitable for the customers due to the availability of customization values. 

On the other hand, the shipping API does not have any particular user interface to perform their tasks as it directly connects the server to the portals. In other words, the shipping API performs its functionality in its existing application or plugins. 

Some examples of shipping API are FedEx API, UPS API, Gooten API, EasyPost API, Uship API, DHL API, etc. 

Features of shipping API

  • Label creation
  • Shipment details
  • Shipment live time location
  • Accurate measure tactics 
  • Address generation and validation

The benefits of using API in business organizations are as follows

  • Lower shipping charges
  • Easy comparison
  • Real-time tracking
  • Efficient and effective
  • Easy to operate

Similarities and differences between a shipping software and shipping API

Both Shipping API and Shipping Software have their standard core operation as tracking and creating the tags and labels for the shipment, They also share the same features as optimum logistics management, measures of operations, and providing routes available for the shipping management and covering up the distance in the estimated time. 

Many of the features and functions of both shipping software and the shipping API are homogenous in nature. A user can compare prices, rates, routes, and tactics with the shipping software and shipping API. 

On the other end,  shipping software is commonly used by smaller and middle-size establishments whereas shipping API is generally optimized and used by larger merchants because of the effective control and specified nature of performance maintained and elaborated. Also,  shipment API does not have a User Interface, whereas the Shipping Software has an inbuilt User Interface that helps users accomplish and achieve their desired tasks. 

Does my business need shipping software or a shipping API?

This depends on the various aspect of the company as size, nature of work, workforce efficiency of the establishments. Smaller and middle-size firms should optimize their shipping standard with the help of Shipping software as the Shipping standards somewhat requires a handful of assistance whilst operating on masses.

Larger producers and merchants should optimize their shipping standards with the help of API, which will help in simplifying the bulk delivery process, keeping track, and organizing the transaction for account maintenance. 

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