How Can You Make Shipping For Ecommerce Sites Easier?

Make Shipping for Ecommerce sites easier

To grow your business online the most impressive steps that you can take is an ecommerce shipping strategy. Brand differentiation can also be one of the efficient points of shipping.

Ecommerce business is dependent more on logistics for undamaged and time to time delivery of products to the customer. Operating with a third party courier partner can help make shipping easier. For improved ecommerce customer satisfaction, shipping should be the key point to unanimity. Ecommerce shipping can be affordable and easy to manage with the right assistance. There should be a perfect list of doing and don’ts for ecommerce shipping solutions in India.

Ecommerce Shipping Best Practices


Free shipping discounts

Free shipping does not mean entirely free but waves off some amount as a discount. Thanks to companies like Amazon that offer free shipping to their consumers, but they have matured statistics to back it up also. Online shopping is abandoned because of high-cost shipping rates. So in order to meet the profitability of the retailer, companies like Amazon have adopted free shipping orders to customers who shop for more than one product. So this encourages the customer to shop more and spend more time on your website. In fact, the free shipping option can boost order quantity to 30%.

Shipping costs to be cleared before checkout.

It’s always a compulsion to make your shipping cost obvious at checkout. Shipping fees are added as subtotal after the customer enters their Pin Code. Customers enjoy shopping but unnecessary expenditure at the end of checkout makes them abandon their cart. Some abandoned carts are due to High Shipping Costs at the checkout.

Confirm customers with an Estimate Delivery date

While completing the checkout we provide the customer estimated delivery date. A large number of people say that shipping time is an important factor while purchasing. A general estimation of delivery should be given not necessarily by a perfect date but this can make the customer less likely to abandon their cart.

Always keep your customers updated during the shipping

 So when your customer is satisfied with the order they received by taking advantage of free shipping. Keeping a connection of communication with your consumer is always a good idea. This can help you gain a positive review about their experience of shopping with your company. Always try to keep them updated and track of their order to shipment till their final destination. This will build trust in your customer and would also help them in shopping with your company.

Take immediate action and act responsibly if a shipping problem is reported.

Always remember loss and damage of a shipment could be a  problem at times due to a third party courier, but take immediate action responsibly to solve the issue of your customer. This means you are the prime person to help your customer.

Firstly check on the shipment details and information that is correctly entered. Contact the third party carrier and try to track the details and resolve the issue by giving an immediate replacement to the customer as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is your first priority by a replacement and then get compensation for your lost shipment from your package carrier.

Ecommerce Shipping Strategy Goals

Ecommerce shipping is dominant discrimination for your brand. This requires support and coordination from the entire team. There are few strategy goals to keep in mind before you proceed with it furthermore.

  • Boost conversions.
  • Hike the average value of the order.
  • widen the market or spot your audience.
  • Decline the costs.
  • revamp operational skills.

Important steps to consider before Ecommerce Shipping 


Be Clear with Your Order Fulfillment and Return Policies

Customer satisfaction is on three steps: receiving, processing and shipping. An order is only cleared when a customer receives it according to their specifications.

Flat Rate Shipping

There are different categories of shipping, but flat rate shipping is based on the size of the box. Different courier companies have a variety of flat-rate shipping programs.

Table Rate Shipping

In this concept, the shop manager amends shipping and shipment fees is calculated according to rule-based methods.

Live Shipping Rates from a Carrier

The rates are calculated on a basis of real-time rates and few shipping carriers use different apps to calculate these rates.

Utilize Shipping Tools

Shipping products are protected by packing them in a heavy box to bubble wrapping for having a flawless delivery.


Packaging before shipment constitutes various processes like enclosing and protecting a product from damage to labelling it and ends with transporting it safely.

International Shipping

International shipping is basically shipping from India that actually works on the time of delivery on location.

Top Ecommerce Shipping features


Shipping is one such factor in ecommerce platforms that can bring a hole in your pocket. Choose smartly and rightly the opportunities that you have to identify your needs for shipping. To save money and to help your customers with their needs try choosing a perfect shipping company for your ecommerce and there are few requirements that you need to keep in mind while doing it.

Prioritize customer satisfaction

Always try to prioritize time in making a checklist according to customers requirements. Look for shipping instructions that can also make your audit work go easy. A robust reporting tool can help you lessen your burden of audit needs by tracking a correct record and by solving issues.

Merging of load

Merging of load can help you by providing cost-cutting to shipping your orders in ships or trucks. Timeframes and locations are managed in a full truck and a single ship to secure the low cost on each package from your carriers. You can support inventory to different satellite locations also by merging loads. Some 3D trailers can also extend support by maximizing space in rigs to bring more sense to your business.

Endless cost trackers

The best carrier can be chosen by making endless cost tracking and by making a note of its delivery speed. Choose the best factors that can sort issues on weight, delivery destinations and the volume of the product. These trackers can help you find solutions for saving new opportunities on carrier performances and on its measures.


Cross-docking can help you store goods according to inventory locations. This can also help you in saving time and energy when you have ample orders. This method helps you in supplying goods more fastly and quickly to their final destinations.

Smart trademark and innovation

Make a vast note of goods that you receive from manufacturers and that’s not the end of data that your customer would be needing. There would be a lot more on your customers’ expectations. Manufacturer inventory should have all the track details of labels and barcodes of your goods. This can enable you to break down goods into smaller portions and can also help in filling the information of your customer in your system. So that it can help you in future endeavours with your customer requirements for operational or regulatory meet.

Rationalized dashboards

The best innovative way to progress with your shipping strategies is to present them in a proper way. Rationalized dashboards can help you in presenting it in a better way by being precise and right to content with adequate knowledge about it. Be part of the selection process and present it in an innovative way by being a successful leader giving a guarantee over things.

Multiple cheapest shipping partners in India


Most ecommerce companies in India consider FedEx as the best courier service for ecommerce platforms. The only problem with FedEx is that it does not cover every nook and corner of the world for ecommerce delivery. Other than that the company has positive reviews for its pick up and delivery services and also has a collection of international shipping options for its sellers to select.


DTDC has a broad network of shipping business in the time past of 1990 in all over India and has spread across the world over 220 countries. The small-term ecommerce business cannot fit in with DTDC due to its pricey features.


Ecom Express is a beginner in this shipping market but is considered for both shipping and logistics services. They have really good policies in terms of delivery and returns. As the service quality and response time is standard, the rates are also at low cost with efficiency.


Blue Dart is also popularly known for its services like shipping and logistics within the country that gives an option of the bargain to the high prices that is offered. The customer satisfaction rate is also highly commendable with this courier service.


Delhivery is another company on the list that is quite new to meet the shipping requirements of the ecommerce shipping platforms. The delivery services offered are reliable and are growing rapidly these days.


DHL is one such courier service in the list that is growing steadily nationwide to accept any needs of an ecommerce platform. DHL has a branch that is completely known for its ecommerce platform. This courier service helps in issues related to clearing customs. As compared with other courier companies DHL has high courier charges in India.


India Post Service is the most generous amongst every other courier company on the list. They are best when it comes to rates and for sending the delivery to the remotest location.


First Flight is slightly progressing its rank in the list and has become the best competitor also by spreading everywhere in the nation with affordable ecommerce shipping rates. They have tried to expand over 220 countries and have 10 offices across the world.


Not so old but not new, GoJavas is also one of the courier companies that provides ecommerce shipping. Earlier GoJavas used to provide their limited services to Jabong but now they even help to reach different ecommerce platforms also. The shipping rates and their services are dependable on delivery and as well as on pickup points.


Different challenges are the rare concern of business nature. Ecommerce business sellers undeniably have a greater challenge in terms of shipping. Shipping has a division of inventory across their destinations and costs and time in transit.

Building and working according to customer satisfaction can ultimately pay off many of your business shipping strategies. Patience is one such approach that can bring prosperity to your ecommerce shipping company. 

Hope you’re happy to have more profound information about ecommerce shipping sites in India. For improved sales on your store approach for a quick and easy shipping courier partner at your convenience.