How to Calculate Volumetric Weight in E-commerce logistics

volumetric weight calculator

If you own an ecommerce company, then you must have probably heard shipping companies talk mostly about packaging and its volumetric weight. But what exactly is volumetric weight? It’s not the weight in kilograms? Having an ecommerce store make this calculation essential?

There are a few hacks mentioned for you in order to reduce the dimensions of your goods. So, in a way, you can avoid paying too much money in shipping your goods and it helps you in curtailing extra expenses for logistics in your ecommerce company.

What is volumetric weight?

The quantity and capacity of goods are measured according to volumetric weight by the shipping company. Thus, the physical weight of the package is then calculated and compared to volumetric weight.

How is volumetric weight calculated?

Volumetric weight is calculated by two methods.

  • Using formula calculation from a guidebook.
  • Free use of a volumetric calculator.

The formula for calculation is:

length* height*width/ conversion factor = volumetric weight

Measurements to remember for length, height and weight should be in centimetres. The factor of conversion may differ from one shipping company to another, so always choose your provider wisely. There are wide exceptions in other countries in their standard conversion rate. FedEx carrier company uses a conversion rate of 5,000 to calculate it. Always recommend checking the volumetric weight of your package before dispatch. The prices are different, and it varies according to the shipping company you choose.

Why calculate the volumetric weight?

Thus, the carrier takes a lot of space in your transport can cause delays in the delivery of the product due to poor packaging practices. The products are packaged in an economical manner using volumetric weight. This can help you in maintaining the shipping costs as well as help you in getting your product safely. Many shipping carriers have the practice of weighing products applying dimensional weight, as this helps in saving time and shipping the goods in quick time.

How can you maintain the volumetric weight?

An improper package can lead to a wrong volumetric weight. Overdoing the packaging or wrong material packaging is also one of the reasons where volumetric weight can go wrong. This practice leads to the wrong dimensions of your product. This can lead to high shipping costs due to an increase in volumetric weight. Follow the best quality packaging practices to avoid such issues and to provide good value to the buyer.

Few shipping companies follow some guidelines before packaging products in order to avoid logistics issues regarding your shipment. Moreover, we investigate suit carrier partners interests and maintain the package with proper dimensional weight.

Tricks to reduce shipping costs

Software for shipping

Major shipping companies have shipping software that maintains the process of shipping like printing labels in bulk, reducing return orders and auto-import orders. They are assigned to ship with multiple courier partners at affordable prices.

Shipping rate calculators

The budget and the variety of packaging you choose for your shipment depends entirely on your shipping rate calculator.


Each courier company uses different criteria of volumetric weight for the delivery of the product. If you get an idea about how the volumetric weight helps in calculating, then you can maximize the shipping costs. This concept is very easy to follow and can also help you in increasing the number of shipments by coordinating with the courier partners by delivering maximum products on time.

Use simple strategies and make your shipping company work effortlessly by delivering to more countries in a quick time. Tell us how you would like to work on your shipments after reading this.