How long can Corona Virus stay on different surfaces?

how long can corona virus stay in different surfaces

Coronavirus pandemic. A deadly disease with a dramatic increase in infected cases has put the entire world on standby. With more than 27 lacs people affected all over the world, the pandemic is being referred to as a serious acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-2). 

While there are a thousand ways in which the disease has negatively affected humanity, but one of the major ways, in which people are getting affected other than health is the economy. 

People are stuck in their homes with the least access to daily essentials. Most areas are getting sealed and people are being strictly prohibited to come out of their house.

Different eCommerce platforms are coming to the rescue during the crisis, and are delivering essential goods to people’s homes.

With the loss of life due to coronavirus ascending over the globe, individuals are taking careful steps to battle the spread of the fatal coronavirus. While people are taking careful steps, another logical investigation has discovered that COVID-19 can make due for a few hours to days on surfaces. 

While the infection isn’t airborne, however, it can wait in beads on particles noticeable all around. The new investigation has discovered that COVID-19 can last as long as three hours in beads noticeable all around. Furthermore, keeping up a separation of six feet from others can help dodge particles spread through a hack or a wheeze. 

Another logical examination which was distributed in the New England Journal of Medicine has said that individuals may procure the novel coronavirus through the air and furthermore in the wake of contacting polluted items. The researchers have found the infection is discernible for as long as three hours in pressurized canned products, as long as four hours on copper, as long as 24 hours on cardboard and up to a few days on plastic and tempered steel.

While the investigation of how the COVID-19 stays for a few hours to days on surfaces, here are some prudent steps one can take battling the coronavirus. 

Some suitable precautions

There a few stages you can take to lessen your danger of introduction. Abstain from contacting your eyes, mouth, and face. Wash your hands with cleanser and water for at any rate 20 seconds and in case you’re not ready to wash your hands, use sanitizer. Spread hacks or sniffles with a tissue, and discard the tissue in the rubbish. Clean much of the time surfaces, similar to door handles and your telephone, with purifying wipes. 

As indicated by the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker, the loss of life from the infection all-around has ascended to 13,044 with 307,104 cases detailed in 171 nations and domains. In India, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 341 individuals have been affirmed positive among associated cases and contacts with referred to positive cases as of March 22. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had on Sunday expressed that six individuals have passed on because of the illness in the nation.

A Detailed Chart

Find out how long the coronavirus can stay on different surfaces. Read more…

Air: 3 Hours

Copper: 4 Hours

Cardboard: 24 hours

Stainless steel: 2-3 days

Polypropylene plastic: 5 days

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