Fastest courier services in India

Fastest courier company in India

Imagine finding the coolest jacket that you ever wanted. One from a brand that always sold out. One that was never on sale. And one day, you managed to order that exact jacket from an online shopping site. Happiness level? Through the roof! 

But what if the jacket didn’t arrive in time for the party of the season? What if you had to leave for your trip before it arrived? Or worse, what if it was simply ‘lost in transit.’ 

Wouldn’t it be terrible? Yes!

And that is exactly how your customers can feel when the products they order from your website/store don’t reach them on time or never arrive in the first place. 

If there was one thing sellers wished they could have absolute control over, it is transportation/courier. Because you may manufacture the best products, attract consumers, and even close sales quickly. Still, without the product reaching your customer on time, the circle of shopping will be incomplete, and your customers won’t be satisfied. 

So the question that you need to ask yourself is…are you going to be a business that only sells? Or a business that sells and delivers? 

If you want to succeed in being the owner of a thriving business, read the blog to find out which is the fastest courier service in India to keep your customers happy and returning to you. 

In your search for the fastest courier service in India, make sure you go for one that checks all the boxes of the following list. 

Delivery speed

When have you seen a customer place an order and ask for a long waiting time to receive it? Never! While online shopping has far more advantages than offline shopping, it cannot compete with the customer’s immediate gratification of receiving the product there and there. Therefore, to ensure that your customers keep coming back, go for courier services that are fast. 

In fact, sometimes customers request and are maybe even willing to pay for super fast shipping. When such times arise, hire a courier service that provides multiple delivery options. 

Check for services like express shipping, overnight courier, immediate delivery, immediate dispatch, priority shipping, fragile shipping, international delivery, and more to maximize the reach of your business and cater to customers with different needs. 


While placing your faith in cool new startups is the trend these days, some things are better done the old-fashioned way. And why so? Because going for a courier company that has been in business for quite a while has probably seen all kinds of customers, dealt with all possible hassles, and perfected their delivery service with time. Also, their clientele of ruling e-commerce giants confirms the credibility of the company. 

Moreover, courier companies with good credibility probably have so because of the trusted delivery staff, well-mapped out digital routes, the ability to track parcels in real-time and a wonderful track record of quick delivery. 


You may confuse this point with reputation, but there is a fine difference between the two. To explain it better, let us give you an example. 

Imagine a customer placing an order worth Rs. 10,000 on your website. More than the customer, you are anxious to reach them on time and in proper condition. However, due to the unexpected delay,’ the order is either ‘lost in transit’ or ‘damaged’, or you don’t know where to find it. 

What will you do? Rush to the phone! 

And that is exactly what we mean by reliability. Reliability is when you can pick up the phone at any time and ask for an update on the delivery from the courier company. It can be calling up their customer-service cell with ease or even contacting their drivers/delivery personnel who are friendly enough to help you with a proper answer. 

Always remember, a courier company that gives you answers is always more reliable than one who keeps you worried with doubts. 

Reasonable Services 

When your employees are paid well, they tend to stay longer and take the company ahead with more passion than ever. The same rule applies to a courier company. Before hiring one, do a background check on how well their delivery personnel, drivers, and internal team members are paid. Take a look at the attrition rate (how soon people are leaving the company) and company incentives. The happier their workforce, the faster your parcel will be delivered to your customers. 

After all, you don’t want unhappy people not caring about your parcels and tossing them around for late delivery.  

Top 10 Fastest Courier Services in India 

To make your search for a courier company easy, we’ve listed the 10 best in the business delivery experts for you.

Blue Dart

BlueDart is a classic example of a company that was built from the ground up to a mammoth enterprise that delivers in India and overseas. From a small-scale start of limited routes across 5-6 major cities and 2 aircraft, BlueDart today is a pan-India brand known for its quick, tamper-proof and guaranteed delivery.

Since it owns a fleet of aircraft, it provides super fast delivery if required, by charging a premium. And in case the delivery is not met, it provides a money-back guarantee. If shipping international is what your brand needs, Blue Dart is perfect. As a partner of FedEx previously, it has moved on to DHL for meeting international deliveries. As India’s most awarded logistics partner, Blue Dart is reliable, quick and provides Temperature Controlled Logistics as part of its safety measure against Covid-19.

As a matter of fact, Bluedart now hails from the world-known DHL family due to which it has access to one of the most enormous and established express and logistics networks in the world. It covers 220 countries and offers services like air express, customs clearance, supply chain solutions, and freight forwarding. More recently, in order to compete with other providers, Blue Dart has also expanded its reach to rural India.  6000 Employees strong, BlueDart is a formidable courier service provider in India.


India-based Delhivery has a reach of 18000+ pin codes over 2500+ cities. If your business is still growing or, in fact, even at the very beginning of its journey, Delhivery can help you reach your customers because of its minimal pricing, super-fast delivery, and technology-driven platforms.

Over the past few years, Delhivery’s exponential growth, 75 hubs, and 85 fulfilment centres, and 5000 trucks operated daily have brought down its delivery time to almost only 24 hours. They not only transport parcels but also provide warehousing, freight, reverse logistics, international and tech services. It has catered to over 10,000 customers, which include India’s small and big e-commerce players!


Backed by DTDC that is trusted and well established in India’s logistics sector, DotZot is a pan-India delivery service provider. However, DotZot isn’t just another delivery company. It provides three services depending on the needs of the e-commerce company. Choose between Express, Economy, and Premium and deliver your order within 2-3 working days. If you’re willing to pay more, then you can choose their Premium package and deliver the pack on that very day or latest, by the morning of the next day. DotZot is also suitable for companies that provide Cash on Delivery options to their customers. It provides Collect on delivery which includes taking the cash from the customer on behalf of the e-commerce supplier and then remitting it to them later. In case the parcel is undelivered, DotZot also provides two more attempts without any surcharge. 

WOW Express

Wow, Express is more than a delivery company. It is a technology-enabled logistic solutions provider that has ‘Service Marshalls’ at its core. As one of the fastest courier services in Mumbai, their Service Marshalls deliver parcels on time and with care across India.

WOW, express offers WOW Health Express’s unique service that transports bodily fluids for medical emergencies besides normal package delivery. It also provides international courier services to the USA, UK, and Canada. Present in 42 cities across 17 states and covering over 1500 pin codes, WOW Express caters to over 40 e-commerce players, collectively fulfilling over 20,000 shipments a day. Notable among them include Nykaa and Tata Cliq. 

Ecom Express

With its presence in all 29 states of India, 2400 cities, and 25000+ pin codes, Ecom Express is a reliable and trustworthy delivery fulfilment company in India. And in a very short time, they have managed to give tough competition to big wigs in the shipping industry. In a country where an extensive network is everything, Ecom Express is ahead of its times.

It uses cutting-edge technology and automation solutions that allow end-to-end solutions from the first-mile pickup to last-mile delivery. One of their biggest advantages is that they deliver to the remotest corners of the country. Great for teleshopping company owners who can reach customers across India. It not only provides Ecom Express Services but also provides Ecom Fulfilment Services and Ecom Digital Services.

Through vast and technology-driven services, Ecom Express has the potential to deliver to 1.2 billion people in India! Valued at almost 1000 crores, this Gurgaon-based company employs over 30,000 people with a majority of the workforce engaged in field execution.


When it comes to speedy delivery, who better than Gati to help you out. As one of the leading express distribution and supply chain solutions providers, Gati has a strong presence across Asia-Pacific and SAARC countries.

In India alone, they provide quick delivery to 19000 pin codes and reach out to 735 of 739 total districts in the country. From express distribution to transportation to cold storage to warehousing to freight forwarding, Gati’s versatile portfolio makes it a favourite among e-commerce businesses.

Having an IT-backed operations model, a 6000+ workforce, and a 24×7 customer service centre are just some of the things that make Gati a logistics giant in India. 


If you’re sitting in front of your screen right now wondering how will your package reach its next destination, i.e. your customer’s house, FedEx has got you covered. It not only delivers packages with express speed but offers a money-back guarantee in case of any issue.

Paperwork may seem like a nightmare when it comes to couriering, but not with FedEx. Its easy shipment paperwork and free packaging make it a lucrative international player in the market.

You can call their worldwide support centres at any time, track your packages in real-time, and also receive proof of the package delivery. FedEx keeps track of updated rules and regulations, enabling it to provide easy customs clearance. 


XpressBees doesn’t just deliver a parcel to your customer. It delivers happiness. Happiness through its fastest-growing network in India and a tech-empowered approach. Its range of wide B2B services includes round-the-clock delivery, cross-border logistics, and third-party logistics. Its fleet includes 52+ cargo airports, 100+ hubs, 2800+ offices, and service centres, and 10Lac sq ft. + warehouse capacity. And, of course, it delivers roughly 50,000 shipments a day through its 30,000+ field executives. 


By far, one of the most trusted names on this list. If it’s a courier, it’s DHL. It has the largest international presence in the world, with its reach in 220 countries. DHL offers a wide variety of services like pocket-friendly freight transportation, easy customs clearance, warehousing, packaging and repair, customized shipping, and global supply chains and express delivery when there’s no room for delay whatsoever. Its 3,50,000+ workforce enables DHL to be a leader in the field of logistics all over the world. 


Ekart Logistics: Backed by Flipkart as its in-house package delivery wing, Ekart’s growth scale has been massive. As Flipkart’s own supply chain, it helped the company introduce Cash on Delivery, In-a-day guarantee, and same-day guarantee. Delivering over 10 million shipments a day to over 3800 pin codes across India, Ekart has made its mark in its decade-long journey. 


If my parcel is lost in transit, how will I get it? 

Problems in delivery arise ever so often. It is preferable that you tie-up with a company that at least gives you proper updates. Ensure that you have the facility to call up drivers and a customer-care available 24×7 to know exactly where and how your package is. 

What businesses need courier services? 

For anything that needs transferring, you need courier services. Businesses that require courier services the most include e-commerce companies, pharmaceutical establishments, educational institutions, and the corporate sector, among many. Find out the fastest courier service in India by reading the blog. 

What makes a good courier service? 

Before hiring a courier company, check for their credibility, area coverage, years of experience, industry expertise, variety of offerings, staff strength, turn around time for inter-city delivery, turn around time for delivery within the region, metro to metro delivery, pan-India delivery (along with Jammu & Kashmir), and cost.  Check for TAT in intercity deliveries, within regions, inter metro cities, and even J&K. 

What kind of services do courier companies give? 

Overnight shipping, express shipping, domestic/international shipping, cash on delivery services, pay on delivery services, reverse pickup, reverse pickup with QC, customs clearance, freight, and warehousing depending on the scale of the company.  They also provide COD, pay on delivery, reverse pickup with quality check. 

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