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7 Simple Ways to Reduce E-commerce cost

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Ecommerce Costs

Ecommerce businesses are life-changing but they can also carve a hole in your pocket. There should be a way to avoid that and make your investments worth the money.

The real question is how do we reduce these ecommerce costs and maintain our status? It is important to maintain the reputation of our company. and Reducing these costs will not only give you the benefit of profitability but it will also help you remain in healthy competition. 

E-commerce businesses are growing a lot as the years go by, and all kinds of companies are finding their place in this world. It is only increasing the competition among them all. It is important to find ways to cut costs that will help your ecommerce business flourish. Communicating with suppliers, and manufacturers and having a plan are just a few things that can get you there. 

To save those extra bucks, here are a few simple ways to reduce ecommerce costs for your businesses!

7 Steps to Reduce E-commerce Cost

Did you know that there are more than 24 million ecommerce websites all over the internet? and you can be one of them! If big companies like Amazon can do it, so can you! We are here to help you out. It won’t come without some sweat and tears but you won’t have to do it alone. 

Ecommerce sales have almost reached up to $6.5 trillion in 2023 recent years and it’s only growing.


Systematic logistics will help you to have a healthy running business, you should have someone right to rely on to cut down your shipping, and packaging costs. The supply chain costs, if handled well, can help you reduce eCommerce costs by a significant margin. This process can become a lot easier if you trust the right people with it – like our ithinklogistics team.

You’ll receive benefits, you focus on other business goals like marketing, sourcing and manufacturing etc. Systematic logistics can save your packaging, storage and transportation costs and help you build a good relationship with your brands.

There are numerous ways by which you can sustain your business and can keep it productive, and stable.

A Good Deal With the suppliers

This type of foresight can help you cut down on a lot of unnecessary ecommerce costs and save you some of that extra cash!

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Managing Product Packaging

A lot goes into product packaging, labelling, wrapping, boxing and so many other processes.

You can reduce ecommerce packaging costs by determining what is rightly needed. The right size and the right amount can cut down your packaging costs by a lot. 

Reducing Return

There are a lot of reasons why the products can be returned and it can increase your ecommerce operating costs. 

Marketing Budget

The thing about having an online business is that you’re always there! So you can invest and profit from other avenues online. You should have a certain plan for your returns from these avenues. There is a formula to evaluate that:

Net profit from an investment divided/total invested *100 

You can evaluate what sources have more profit and revenue than the others. In terms of online advertisement, you can surely invest in PPC (pay-per-click), google ads or even paid advertisements as they are the cheapest and most effective options. 

There are more strategies you can look at:

It will be hard to find free resources but you can definitely find cheap ways to cut down costs and make more profit!

Managing Inventory 

With growing competition between e-commerce companies and a surge in demand from consumers, keeping track of inventory has been pushed aside in recent years. Companies tend to look past this aspect – when it is one that requires utmost prioritization! 

Instead of continuing to pay the charges required to store these products, you can look for means to get rid of them. This will allow for the reduction of inventory costs. In the process of doing this, you can formulate promotional campaigns such as buy-one-get-one-free offers or sales which not only facilitate the elimination of deadstock but also attract new customers.

Optimizing Shipping Methods

To maximize customer satisfaction, once the aforementioned venues have been explored, you can look towards offering free shipping on festivals (like Diwali or Christmas!) or limited occasions such as when purchases above a certain price are made or if consumers are a part of a membership program.

Make use of Automation

Time is a valuable asset in all organizations and we are pretty sure it is valuable to you too. Time is money after all!


To conclude, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve (like hiring us) and there are a lot of opportunities that you can’t miss out on!

Effective methods include building ties and negotiating with suppliers, managing packaging-related costs, ensuring that minimal to no returns are initiated by purchasers, planning a marketing budget beforehand, keeping track of inventory, maximizing shipping methods, and the use of automation among many more. 

You must keep your head held high as you can face the threat of being dominated by large and fast-growing companies. By following the techniques mentioned in this article and reducing costs, customer satisfaction will be retained-and possibly accelerated, while your brand can reach new heights (as it should) and establish itself as a viable, flourishing business in the global market. 

These investments are worth it if you have the correct resources. The iThink Logistics team is here to make sure your work is in the right hands. It is never too late to take one step ahead and figure out the right logistics – ithink is here to make your investments worth it.

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