All You Need To Know About B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

Have you spent most of your time on zoom/meet in these past two years? Do you wonder how zoom manages to get such a big platform in such a short time? You are not the only one!
If you want to know how this process of attracting the perfect customers for a product or service works, you are right! We will explain how the use of B2B is carving a new path to successful marketing.

What is B2B lead generation, and why is it important?

In simple words, B2B is a system that includes the tactics of attracting the right customers for a service or a product. Companies consider this lead generation vital for their businesses, and the sales and marketing teams are fundamentally responsible for performing this.

The lead is usually used for a possible customer and collects their data like their name, company address, email address, etc. This is also commonly known as B2B data. This information can be acquired in a survey or by getting your customers to subscribe through online content like blogs, social media, emails etc. 

The growth of B2B data allows your business to flourish. With the efforts of sales and marketing teams, spreading the correct information you need to attract the customers, they create a line of potential customers. B2B lead generations are significant if you want a successful business. 

(it’s incredible how the right teams can make your business a success, right?)

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What is B2B leads?

A B2B lead refers to the people whose data you have collected as the possible customers and who are interested in your work and products. 

To attract these customers, there are two leads:

  • Marketing-qualified leads 
  • Sales-qualified leads 

(that’s how we do it, using these, we deliver success, not just your parcels)

Marketing-qualified leads (MQL)

When you don’t know if you’re going to buy a dress, but you keep going back to it and checking it out, that is how marketing-qualified leads work. They consider you as someone who will most likely be a customer of their products. The customers are not yet ready to come in contact or directly engage with your company. 
For example, regularly visit a website’s page, add things to the wishlist, and put things you like in favourites. This sort of engagement ensures that they’re interested in what you have to offer. 
(we certainly have a lot to offer!)

Sales-qualified leads (SQL)

Once a customer has passed through their MQL pipeline and has the full intention to buy your product, they’re considered a sales qualified lead. You’re not just looking at the dress; you intend to buy it this time. 

For example, the customer is interested in filling out a form asking about your product or service or directly talking to a salesperson on your team. 
Using companies like LinkedIn to promote your services or product can be pretty helpful since it is a great way to showcase your work through online content. 

B2B lead generation strategies for your eCommerce business 

Strategies For Your Ecommerce Business

Although sales and B2B can be done in an offline, traditional way since the pandemic eCommerce business has taken a huge leap and their online businesses have been growing rapidly. 

How have they been doing so, and what strategies do you need to know to enhance your leads?

Let’s find out by observing the following strategies:

Social media 

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very useful when it comes to generating leads for eCommerce businesses. 
LinkedIn, for example, allows you to collect data and promote your business. People sign up for this app to apply and look for applications and they upload their resumes and their data. Using the relevant information that your potential customers have put out there, you can try to make a connection and promote an advertisement. 

You should optimize your company’s profile and make it seem attractive and interactive. It should be clear and specific about your goals and what your company provides. 

Create a place for open discussions and form a connection with potential customers and audiences. 

To increase your engagement, you should try to join relevant groups so you get the chance of reaching all the members who are likely to be your leads. 

Big eCommerce companies like amazon business marketplace have a B2B process through which they try to advance their company. 

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization

There is a way to find what element on your website is converting most of the visitors into leads. Optimizing your website is very important. Utilizing that space can make your website look more attractive and allow visitors to visit and get more information about your company. 

The right optimization rate can make those visitors even more interested in your products and services. It also tells you the scores and results of how your company is doing in generating leads. 

Using online blogs, emails, and ads to convert your visitors to leads helps increase the average conversion rate optimization. You can improve your average conversion rate optimization by making small changes. Offering coupon codes, discounts, sales, and eye-catching homepages can do wonders for your websites and leads. 

(Small steps do count if you want to deliver success.)

Marketing partnerships 

Finding relevant companies who complement your services where you can enhance your leads without forming a competition is an advanced and strong strategy. It should be followed carefully as you don’t want your audience to have bad experiences.

The correct choice can make all the difference! 

Being involved in these kinds of partnerships gives you a chance to get marketing teams on your side and helps you generate leads for your businesses. The partnership should be smooth sailing, benefitting both of you. Getting in touch with different companies and forming partnerships gives you a headstart and more opportunities to build your leads. 

It adds growth and value to both of your partnerships. 

Email marketing 

Once your audience has already subscribed to your list, you can increase your engagements by emailing and attracting them to offers and business. By forming interesting and attention-seeking headlines and content, you can catch the eye of your potential customer and turn them into a lead.

Since emails can be repetitive and common, remember to make them unique. To indulge your audience in doing business with you, use CTAs. CTA is a call to action. They are buttons or hyperlinks which can direct you to your website. These CTAs can propel your customers to not get distracted and focus on your business. 

For eceCommerceompanies, functioning mostly online, emails are a good way to get your audience to engage with you. You should offer what they want, useful resources and information to make them feel more welcomed.

Hosting webinars

A lot of us have been attending webinars and events online for the past couple of years, little did you know, they are in fact, super useful. 

Instead of just pining in their social media and emails, why don’t we interact with them and get out of the talking stage? The next stage is getting them to become your leads and buy your products. 

Hosting webinars gives you the chance to run a product demonstration and educate your target audience about your services. Webinars conduct questions and answers at the end of the sessions. You can answer their questions and engage your audience. Carefully planning your webinars gives your target audience a clear and clean plan. 

Asking for feedback is a smart option at the end of your webinar so you can see where most of your visitors might be converting into leads. It also shows efforts and dedication Ecommerce companies like zoom used the function of webinars totally to their favour, and so can you.

Pushing notifications 

Getting alerted by pushing notifications has always been very useful. Whether it’s a YouTuber asking you to push the notification button and subscribe. At this point, you are a kind of a YouTuber. You have to ask your audience to engage with you and support your business. 

Receiving alerts can catch the target audience’s eye. Pushing notifications can be more powerful than emails or SMS. This form of notifications can look intriguing especially when you spice them up. If you add different festivities, discounts, fun facts and information that they’re interested in, it’s easier to get them to sign up. That is how they turn into leads. 

Make sure not to overdo it, as too many notifications and unnecessary information can be annoying and drive them away. 

It is advised to keep your push notification in your browser windows, it’s easier and more convenient for the audience to keep it in their mind and reach out to them. Giving them a short deadline for an event that they have very less time for, gives them the motivation to sign up or subscribe. Alerting them at specific times of the day or the week is a smart move and keeps them engaged.

Using cookies 

Cookies help redirect the audience to your website. Have you ever visited a really cute website, and then continued to mind your own business. Next minute, you’re surfing through social media and you see the advertisement for the same product from the same website? That is what we can do to generate more leads. 

Cookies recognize your activities and track your patterns. So when you accept a website’s cookies, it can save your searches or details in browsers. So the company is the cookie and the audience is the milk. (the perfect duo, we must say.) 

When you present them with their interests through their browser search, you get a better chance of appealing to them and turning them into leads.

Become a successful eCommerce seller with iThink Logistics 

As beneficial and fruitful, as these B2B lead generation strategies are, what is the use of it if your products or services are not well taken care of?

Ecommerce businesses need more than just leads and sales. They also require management and shipping of their goods and services. Good partnerships with a logistics company are vital for your relations and profits. A calculated distribution and evaluation of your services are life-saving and help you manage your business with more ease. It will also keep your leads happy. 

iThink Logistics is the key to your door. These are the features you can look forward to enhancing your businesses:

AI-driven NDR tool

With features like 4 step verification, automated reattempt, multifunctional dashboard and auto-generated reports your customers can relax and just have a cup of coffee.
Who isn’t a nerd for an AI-driven tool, right?

AI-driven recommendation engine 

Our features like the same day pickup, NDR updates, RTO, differentiating through demographics and an automated recommendation engine. These provide the customers with a sense of security and the automated systems can save your money!

Save some of that cash and buy yourself something nice 😉

Live NDR updates 

Easy updates, real-time tracking, and early issue detection, with all these features, your customers can play I spy with my eye!

Your customers even get detailed NDR reports for complete transparency. 

Net promotor score 

Your customers can enjoy giving that five-star rating!

White label tracking page 

Re-engage your customers into the magic of your products and give them accurate data calculation. We will provide them with some of our magic by giving them regular updates on whatever platform they’re most comfortable with. 

Automated billing reconciliation system 

Now don’t wait too long for your COD payments, get your detailed transaction and trust our logic!

The billing amount will be according to the weight and freight charges, so don’t worry about us being extra. 

Rate calculator 

Enjoy your budget before shipping your products, it won’t cost a hole in your pocket!

Postpaid payment 

Don’t worry about credit transfer, you deserve it

Easy payments and no manual charges feel like credit too!

And this is not just the end of it, as a bonus, you also get duty-free features of Email and SMS notification, Easy integration, Tailor-made support, easy sync and report and seamless shipping. 

B2B lead generations are the best way to look forward to your company’s future and teaming up with the right logistics company can take you a long way. 
(It can even ship you a long way if you know what we mean. )

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