Why Dark Mode is More Than Just a Trend

Why Dark Mode is More Than Just a Trend

McDonalds’ bright red colour induces hunger. 

Tropicana uses the colour green in its font to indicate the ‘natural’ nature of its juices. 

Nickelodeon’s orange stands for creativity and enthusiasm which is perfect for a kid’s channel. 

Barbie as a brand uses the colour pink to portray femininity and playfulness. 

Clearly, colours affect our psychology more than we think! 

And today, the colour in question is ‘dark.’ Not just a dark shade but ‘dark mode’

A mode that is 


Engaging ✅

And incredibly trending! ✅

Yes, you heard that right.

So what exactly is this ‘Dark Mode’

Your phone, your tablet, your computer, even your smart TV literally brings the world to you at the click of a button.

But while doing so, all these devices emit a ton of light that is not doing any good to you or your sleep cycle.

And as a business owner or an e-commerce website owner, Dark Mode is how you can make online shopping for your customers a personalized and soothing experience.

Dark Mode is nothing but a simple change in the user interface from a white background to a black background.

Consequently, the font appears in white or light grey against a black backdrop. And all it takes is one change in the display settings that alters the phone’s theme from the traditional white background and black text.

Users worldwide have embraced this theme. Users that in all likeliness include your customers.

And the longer your customers stay engaged on their devices, the more likely they are to browse and stay on your e-commerce website and place an order! 

What Are The Benefits Of Using ‘Dark Mode’?

1. Improved readability

Computers and all digital devices come with the default setting of White Mode to resemble paper.

However, this is known to cause significant eye strain by emitting large amounts of blue light.

Switching to ‘Dark Mode’ not only reduces the light but also maintains the minimum colour contrast ratios in order to keep the text readable. 

Bonus: Dark Mode is great to maintain your privacy from hovering eyes as it makes it difficult to read on a black background from a distance. 

2. Improved battery life 

As per Google, dark mode on OLED screens saves battery life up to a great extent. At 100% brightness, it saves a minimum of 60% of screen energy. 

iPhone users revealed that one could play a video for 15 hours using the light mode, whereas the video can last for 20 hours when played in dark mode. 

3. Improved sleep 

Falling asleep faster is directly correlated to having a dark environment around you that tells your brain to induce melatonin and put you to sleep.

However, scrolling before bedtime is on the rise. And all that blue light is not only making it harder to fall asleep but also impacting the quality of sleep.

This problem can be countered to an extent by switching to dark mode and automatically reducing the blue light emission.

While it is best to put away the phone 3 hours before bedtime, enabling dark mode at least reduces the effect while web browsing. 

4. Improved eye health

We are surrounded by digital screens! From waking up to a phone in our hands to eating with one to traveling with one to even sleeping with one.

There is a big, small, micro, portable or smart screen always around us. And all of this is taking a toll on one’s eyes.

But, dark mode considerably reduces the strain, the headache and the impact of blue light on the skin and enhances the user experience.  

As the future of our businesses, especially those only online, we rely on customers shopping online and staying in front of a screen for long hours.

Therefore, enabling Dark Mode on your e-commerce website seems like a pretty good idea to make your users comfortable. 

Are we walking the talk? 

Yes indeed! Delighted to introduce dark mode to your iThink user dashboard! 

The customer is king. And all sellers( or potential sellers) using iThink Logistics as their third-party logistics supplier are the customers we care for deeply! 

Therefore, we have upgraded our user interface to include dark mode!

So the next time you are logged in for long to track your products, place a new shipment order or process a return request, there will be less blue light and less strain!

Make sure to make the best use of the dark mode on our platform, and take away a few points about how the dark mode setting should function.

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