Top Courier Partners for Reverse Logistics

Top courier partner for reverse logistics

Product returns obviously form a large part of the entire logistics landscape. Customers often return products purchased on eCommerce stores due to several issues. This is when reverse logistics companies come into the scene. Returns and exchanges are an inevitable part of the entire online purchasing process. If you have an online store, you might get return/exchange requests every day. 

It is true that the expenses related to returns add around 7 to 11% to the base price of the item. However, you have to provide this facility to your customers. You have to make sure that you collaborate with the best companies at affordable prices so that returns don’t lead to a loss.

At the same time, you would be able to keep your customers contended with your services. The entire idea is to satisfy customers while taking care of your profit margin. 

If you run a business, make sure you tie up with efficient courier partners. They will help you with the return operations. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best courier partners that provide excellent return logistics services. 

What is reverse logistics? 

In the logistics scenario, you have to know how exactly reverse logistics function and its operations. Reverse logistics is the process of getting the goods from their customer and returning it to the point of origin. 

Remanufacturing and refurbishing of old goods or products also come under reverse logistics.

Unlike logistics, reverse logistics go a step back in the supply chain. Instead of customers being the final reaching point, it goes back from the customers to the manufacturer/distributor.

In other words, we can conclude that any incidents taking place after the product sale can be termed as reverse logistics. Customers return items if they no longer need them, if they have already purchased them from somewhere else, if the product is defective if there are size issues if the picture on the website differs from the received product, etc. The manufacturers have to arrange the shipping of the item and then test it. They can recycle it or arrange its disposal. The products travel in reverse in this form of logistics. 

One of the biggest challenges of reverse logistics is the cost of processing returns. However, it can be managed with the help of strategic planning. 

Top 10 Courier partners for Reverse Logistics

Ecom Express

ecom express

This is yet another renowned brand that you can choose for convenient reverse logistics. They are also known for quick services and state-of-the-art technology. The best part is that they work around the year and are extremely fast in the reverse logistics scenario. Their professional also checks on quality before accepting the return. 



It is yet again a popular name with great reach across the nation. Many online stores rely on this company because of their wide network of 70+ cities and over 400+ vehicles. They collaborate with over 7000 delivery partners, which is pretty impressive. Known for their last-mile delivery, they also offer doorstep quality checks.



It is yet again a famous name in the world of eCommerce delivery. It has been there for many years now and is a trustworthy service for return orders. Their reverse logistics are active in more than 7000 pin codes in India and hence you can get your parcel back from a large number of delivery locations. Their expert delivery service ensures the safe return of products without damage 



In India, Xpressbees also is a great company for on-time reverse order pickups. They are punctual, swift, and provides hassle-free services. They cover a wide range of pin codes and known for their lowest reverse logistics rates.  They offer timely pick up services and drop them in the warehouse right on time. 


Bluedart is a name that everyone is familiar with. It makes multiple deliveries across India every day. Their return pickups are also good. Their operations run in over 17000 pin codes across India. Undoubtedly, they are a leading logistics company in the nation.

First Flight Couriers Ltd.

First flight

First Flight courier service is also known for reverse pickups. You can efficiently streamline your return order management through them.  They handle all return pickups efficiently and drop products to the doorstep right on time. 

TCI Express


TCI express has a separate section for reverse logistics. They have around 3000 cargo pick points, which is noteworthy. In addition to this, TCI Express also offers efficient tracking services, so no matter where your shipment is, you come to know about it through their portal.


safe xpress

Safe express courier service is specialized in reverse logistics. They are known for their comprehensive documentation, handling, and authorization procedure. They are very committed to their process, where your business is well informed about the whereabouts of your parcels. The costs involved in return shipments is also quite less with Safexpress.


Bizlog courier service provides reverse logistics services. They offer a reduced Turn around time, quality check services, etc. 


To wrap it, the entire operations of an online store are dysfunctional or incomplete without reverse logistics. You have to take care of the same despite the challenges. As mentioned before, the industry is full of reliable courier partners who will make sure that the process is seamless for you. 


What are the points of difference between reverse logistics and traditional logistics?

While traditional logistics involves shipping an item to the customer, reverse logistics is about getting the product from the customer and returning it to the manufacturer or distributor. It is a solution to customer actions. Companies do not initiate the reverse logistics process. It is a step backwards. 

Is it expensive?

It depends a lot on the 3PL provider and the requirements of a business. It could be expensive if not planned well; nonetheless, it is a very vital service that you have to provide to your customers. It is important to retain customers and earn their loyalty. 

It can help you save in the long run. 

How quickly does courier partner process Reverse orders?

This is yet another FAQ. It is around 3 days for most companies but they try to do it in minimum time. Hiring an experienced 3PL provider helps as they are skilled, experienced, and have a wide network. You will get a solid turnaround with them.