How much does an e-commerce website cost you?


E-commerce business in India has flourished like no other since past decade.

Retailers operating specific geographical area got a chance to explore the market nationally and globally.

E-commerce has changed the face of retailing. Everything has become available to shoppers with few clicks and retailers have streamlined their online operations which have helped them to boost the revenue to new highs.

So what holds back you from investing in online store development?

Most probably the e-commerce website development cost is one of the aspects that make you think twice.

Do you want to start your e-commerce business but wondering how much cost is involved in building your online store?

The cost of online store generally depends on the functionality and features you would want to implement on your website.

In India, an e-commerce website would cost you nearly 1,00,000 to 1,50,000. Also, it may vary depending upon the additional functionalities of the store.

The customized, SEO friendly and result oriented e-commerce store has witnessed hundreds of successful e-commerce ventures in the past couple of years.

Have an experienced and a robust team who has expertise in developing an e-commerce website and mobile application which has helped us to achieve the operational efficiency and speed of development.

How much does an overall process of online web development costs?

Five broad factors affect e-commerce website and application development cost.

1. Platform

2. Design

3. Development

4. Domain and hosting

5. Time and resources

  1. Platform:

The platform choice depends upon you on what your users expect from your online store and how much traffic you are projecting on your online store.

Generally, for small and medium enterprises the open source platform like PHP is good to go. They are proven a boon and also cost-effective as compared to Magento and other platform frameworks.

I recommend going for a complete package of website, Android and iOS mobile applications. This helps you to manage your business from your hand palm and have a presence where your customers spend their most of the time.

E-commerce android applications are generally built on top of Angular.js and Apache Cordova, Ionic which provides a seamless user experience.

2. Design:

Once you select the platform, it needs to be customized according to your business needs and UI-UX (user interface and user experience) preferences.

Customize the website design, the colour scheme, fonts, placement of various elements.

Learn more about e-commerce website design

3. Development:

The development phase involves the actual structure of your website backend. This phase includes,

1. E-commerce cart development

2. Payment gateway integration

3. Category and product module

4. Checkout and Order processing

5. Responsive shopping website

6. Basic SEO implementation

Many companies in the market opt for customized solutions wherein they want to cover from essential to advanced features to their online store.

The cost of development may vary according to the requirement.

4. Domain and hosting:

Domain and hosting are not as expensive as the development of an e-commerce website and mobile app.

You can find the perfect name for your website and register at GoDaddy, bigrock

The annual renewing charges for the domain, you need to spare 700 to 2000 rupees (which depends upon the extension you choose).

Additionally, you need to bear the hosting charges of your website which again depends on the service provider you choose.

5.Time and resources:

The time and resources required to design and develop your e-commerce website is another aspect of the total cost.

The cost of the e-commerce solution which we provide is an optimized cost of the platform fees, design, development, time and resources involved in making your dream project reality.

Whenever you are starting something new having someone by your side with rich experience in that area really helps.

This is why the value of designers and developers goes far beyond than merely designing and building your e-commerce site.

Their experience, technical skills and in-depth product knowledge will help you to avoid technical and financial pitfalls.

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