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What is USP? Why should you care about it?

what is USP

USP stands for a unique selling proposition. This particular thing gives your product and services a different identity and perspective from your competitive parties. If defined in a single term, USP is that particular essence that serves as the main core theme of all your marketing strategies and brings on the real engagement with the customers. They are provided with the perception of why they should buy from you instead of from your competitors.

There are many keys to how you have to provide your USP. One of the main aspects that you need to keep in mind is the USP should provide some special benefits that can attract your potential customers. In these cases, a vague statement will not work on customers. 

You have to be very particular in showcasing your product and services better that your competitive brands. 

Thus developing a USP is also a kind of assurance on how your products are going to sell in the market before you launch the product. If your product were not at all different from the others, then why would customers buy your stuff? Moreover, even if there is something that different about your product, is it worth the value for the customers? If both these conditions are not properly satisfied, then why would you make an effort to spend all your time and money on something that would not sell in the industry? 

Conveying your Message to the Public

Unique selling propositions are considered one of the most critical aspects of the marketing strategies, especially for the small businesses, which all forcefully compete with other smaller brands as well as the larger brands. Your products and services might be much better than the other might. 

You might have way better offers and prices, but if this news is not communicated to your potential customers, they will not have enough reasons to choose your brand over the others. This is one of the main aspects where your USP is put to test. The stronger your USP will be the better is your chance to reach potential customers. 

Every marketing strategy and every superficial launch that you plan for the product is highly depended upon the customers. If the product does not reach customers or do not have a strong impact on them, then all your strategies and launches will be considered a failure. The most important thing for your brand is the customer’s engagement and that is exactly what USP is all about.

How to be Different?

Now the hardest question is how to be different from others? In your entire working life, you will have a question that will trip you at every stage. There is something anxious-making about thinking you have the answer and then realizing that you barely scratched the surface. 

After years of struggle with this aspect in various forms, companies finally have a system. It is not rocket science; it is just clear thinking put into a framework that is full proof. You will get to your answer every time and it is easy. 

The system involves channeling your inner toddler. Keep asking questions repeatedly until you come up with an answer. Ask yourself why you are different and then answer it. Now ask why a customer should care about that. Keep on asking the question until you come up with an answer that is compelling enough to get the desired attention you have been striving for years. 

Nothing is ever complete without the context of your customers and your competitors, as we establish. So look at your customers first. 

Read what they are looking for in your space. Is there a negative point that you can solve? Is there a positive aspect that you can enhance? Then look at your competitors. What are they saying? How are they differentiating themselves? It is obvious that all are confident enough to say that they are better than our competitors are, but how? Analyze the entire how and then figure everything out. This is where you are going to find your answer. 

Once you have a distilled differentiator, it will form the basis of all your content going forward. With that and the rest of the context, you can pull out certain strategies that will take you through the rest of the year of your content.

Steps for creating USP

Why do you need USP?

A USP is a unique benefit to your customers. It is not a catchy slogan, not a mission statement, it is not an attribute about your company like how long it has been in the industry or it’s minority-owned, that can bring success to your company’s sales. The only thing that will get you going is the specific benefit you provide to your customers. Let us discuss some modern-day examples: 

What is your possible USP? Focus on the customers and focus on the benefit and you will find your USP too. This is as fast as messy but this does not have to be hard. USP is the most important aspect for the success of your brand. This launches your product right in front of potential customers. 

Benefits of USP

Company Benefit

When you have a strong USP for your product, it benefits your marketing as a whole. When your product and services are clearly stated by their USP. The audience becomes more appreciative of your brand for that particular benefit. If your USP is not stable enough then your customers are most likely to deviate from your brand to other brands with lower prices and better offers.

Improved revenue

A product with a strong USP always boosts up your market and gives that exact reason to the customers to buy your product instead of the other. With benefits and price rates properly stated and analyzed, a strong USP will define your product’s position at the right place in the market.

Loyal market place

When your product has a strong identity created with a significant USP, you can know your exact position in the market. Moreover, you will also know how well they stand with you. In this huge market place, you do not want your product to be just an option among various other products. If you have a powerful USP, you can easily stand out in the industry and can easily corner out other competitive brands. In a way, you can provide the market with what they were lacking increasing their loyalty for your company. 

Streamlined strategy for your sales

In a huge market, your company can be a success or even a failure, because it is not that easy to highlight your brand. When you have a strong USP, it exactly points out your strength in the streamlined industry. A good USP exactly focuses on the benefits that your product is providing and allows your brand to stay on the streamlines of the market.


If you make the great launch, your product is great, and all but the audience is completely unaware of the product. Then what happens to your sales? It becomes a total failure. Therefore, it is first important to reach out to your audience and that is what a USP does. This is the reason why USP is very important for your products and services that you launch. 

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