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Top e-commerce markets worldwide you must target in 2021.

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This time it’s our neighbouring country China who has topped the e-commerce market in the world. While there are tough restrictions in importing goods in China, the targeted population is the largest digital buyer. 

Top-selling items are

 Hopefully, insights on some of the top e-commerce markets you can expand in this year 2021. Shipping couriers have made e-commerce retailers go global.

When we talk about 2021, we strongly believe that this year was completely filled with loss and inflation. But no, it is really not that e-commerce marketing was booming like never before for good reasons. Due to a pandemic as people were left without jobs and a decrease in salary, there was a wide change in the behaviour of online shopping. 

While talking about worldwide e-commerce sales, the most benefited sales and purchases were made in wide ranges of mobiles and laptops. As the need for smartphone penetration increased day by day for the use of students who couldn’t approach schools and colleges and laptops for the ones who were working from home.

Countries like China, America, Australia, Japan, Germany, France are amongst the topmost e-commerce markets worldwide you must try and approach in 2021. These countries have fluctuating worldwide e-commerce sales even during a pandemic.

E-commerce will be a traded trend across the globe and physical brick might go dark because everything is on the tip of your fingers these days. E-commerce has trended these days by attracting discounts and offers to potential customers. As time flies more and more products are chosen to sell online. Making it easy for the customers to choose what they want and more than what they do not want also… One such online company like Amazon and Flipkart have earned more than lakhs in times of lockdown. Expanding to new marketplaces is only possible by growing your referrals.

The e-commerce after covid-19 has taken a new lead by various means of marketing. Many of the consumers are not going to the old shopping habits, so it is now going to be a serious thought of going global. Consumers started relying on the goods arriving in a timely way and at affordable shipping charges. Networking with people in different countries regarding the wholesalers and suppliers can reduce the time value and delivery costs because cross-border shipping comes with a risk.

List of top e-commerce countries targeted in 2021:


The biggest e-commerce marketplace is now seen in China. China took over the combined total e-commerce sales growth of the US and Europe. There are approximately 710 billion internet users, and the number is growing rapidly. The e-commerce market in China is expected to reach over 3 trillion US$ in the near future. The country is prospering and is flourishing to a wealthy class of consumers.

United States

The US now ranks second in the global e-commerce markets and to merchandise trading that is awaited to hit 476.5 billion in near future. The American market is crowded with vendors demanding to sell products across the globe.

 The US market size is a hotspot for online shopping who have a keen interest in consumer electronics, home furniture and many more on the long list.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ranks third in the e-commerce market in the world. E-commerce sales in the UK are forecast to reach more than US$ 119 billion in 2025. Revenues have grown rapidly in the last five years in this country because online shoppers have embraced the convenience provided by mobile access. Companies entering the e-commerce UK market can expect to experience continued growth in product categories including fashion, travel, sporting goods, and household items.


Japan is one of the vast and rapidly growing e-commerce markets wherein B2B deals initially are influenced more, the B2C market has doubled over the last decade. The country’s cross-border e-commerce sales are forecast to reach US$ 3.40 billion by 2025.

The country is pleasing because of its developed economy, mainly urban population. Easy product delivery is provided by a vigorous and service-oriented business philosophy and modern yet recently developed infrastructure. 


Germany is a vital B2C online sales market that is approximated around 85 billion.

There are large earning salaried residents of Germany. Germany’s industries are spread throughout the country. This means that you’ll find a strong industrial presence in several regions with high-performing sectors and eager e-consumers. When localizing for Germany, keep in mind that, especially for durable goods, German citizens prioritize quality, trust, and comfort with the seller over price.


France is another fastest growing e-commerce seller that is looking to enlarge its business and has turned sixth in the world. E-commerce earnings are expected to grow to over US$ 72 billion in 2025. The market is characterized by a large and diverse consumer base, a high level of internet penetration, growing mobile services, reliable payment methods, and an efficient delivery structure. 

Tips for entering the e-commerce international market:

Partner with reputable couriers

Shipping is the indispensable factor of global e-commerce Buyers expect their goods to arrive on time and at convenient shipping rates. You need to work with trusted and grounded couriers that can help you achieve exactly what your consumer needs.

A network of fulfilment centres

Storing products in different countries can help you greatly, reducing the shipping time and delivering orders at a low cost to your customers.


Connect with the country that you want to make the business with in order to know the traits of shipping. This might help you with an easy shipment with the following country by avoiding trouble with the authorities.

Prohibited/ restricted goods

Connect with the country that you want to take your business to, and get familiar with what you can or can’t ship there. This will help you avoid trouble with the authorities in those countries.


Verify that the consumer’s address is correct or else it will be a deprivation of money and time invested in the product shipment due to failed attempt of delivery due to the wrong address.


International shipping is full of danger due to long transit time. Make sure that your items are packed in the best and quality process to cover up any loss to take up with the right insurance policy.


So these are the things that you need to make a note of if you want to build a successful e-commerce market for the year 2021. But before you startup, have detailed research to avoid any last-minute negligence and uninterrupted services to your consumers. 

Hopefully, this blog was insightful and worth your time. So please do comment your thoughts and opinions below till then and check out our other blogs.

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