Top 10 Best Courier Companies in India

Top 10 courier companies in India

Are you an eCommerce seller? Did you land up in this blog because you are looking for the right courier companies in India to ship your products? 

Well, you are absolutely in the correct place.

This article will talk about India’s top 10 courier companies and how you can choose the best one for your business.

At the end of this blog, you will have an idea about different courier companies, their serviceable pin codes, their features, and many more. 

Ready? Let’s get started.


India is soon to mark a business of $215-billion for the logistics sector, pushing it to the list of the top booming industry in the country as well in foreign lands.  

As the eCommerce business rises at an ever-increasing pace, it is crucial to select the best logistics and courier company for your business. 

But how do you know which company is the best for the courier? 

Top 10 courier companies in India

Blue Dart

blue dart

One of the leading companies in South Asia, Blue Dart serves across 17,677+ pin codes in India and around 220 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Chennai, it comes among the top 10 courier companies in India. Blue Dart ensures faster deliveries and doesn’t involve any hidden charges. Their pricing is completely weight-based, and you will be able to calculate your logistics cost using their price finder feature. They are wholly efficient and trustworthy when it comes to delivery.

Blue dart’s services are time-bound, and they always maintain regulatory clearances to prevent all kinds of confusion and errors. Their domestic network is vast, and they have around six flights of their own to carry freights to different parts of India. You can ship your products using Blue Dart anywhere in India and the world. Today, Blue Dart Aviation has a fleet of six Boeing 757, providing a network payload of 504 tonnes across 74 route connections each night.

Key feature

  1. Technology-based logistics service
  2. Available fulfilment centre.
  3. Airfreight is available for domestic and international shipping.
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
17,677As per weightYesYes



Founded in 2011, Delhivery has listed itself among the top 10 courier companies providing full suit logistic services to B2B and B2C audiences. Their services are spread across 17,500 pin codes. Their network is extended in 2300+ cities and around 250 million households in India.

The company provides domestic and international courier services and has completed approximately 650 million deliveries to date. They have 85 fulfilment centres and 3000+ direct delivery centres. The pricing is weight-based and is pretty reasonable. They carry out three delivery reattempts in case of non-delivery of any products. 

Key features:

  1. On-demand logistics
  2. Both way shipment 
  3. Next day shipping
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
17,500As per weightYesYes



Founded in 1973, FedEx is currently the global leader in the logistics sector. Listed among the top 10 courier companies, FedEx is the most reliable when it comes to logistics. They serve around 6000 pin codes in India and are famous for delivering parcels at a very affordable rate. The company has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. They provide proper proof of delivery and COD facilities. FedEx has 50 aircraft operating all over the world every day. This includes 10 Boeing 777, 9 Boeing 757, 5 (McDonnell Douglas) MD-11, 4 Airbus A300-600, 8 Aerospatiale ATR-72, 10 Aerospatiale ATR-42, 4 Embraer EMB120 Brasilia.

Key features

  1. 220 countries served
  2. High-speed delivery
  3. Serving Both domestic and international 
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
19,000As per weightYesYes



Xpressbees serves 8,451 pin codes across the country. They are known for their fast and cost-effective courier solutions.  This courier company provides the same-day and next-day courier facility and has a reverse pickup option for return orders. It is listed among some best courier companies in India. You can ship with them directly, or you can use our platform to use their services.   

Key Features:

  1. Pan India shipping
  2. Multiple options for pickup
  3. Domestic services only
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
8,451As per weightYesYes



Shadowfax is one of the fastest and most reliable courier companies in India right now. They serve in more than 7000 pin codes, and apart from B2B, they also operate in other consumer models like B2C, E2E, hyperlocal, etc. They ensure on-time delivery and don’t involve unnecessary hidden costs. You can start shipping your products with them without worrying about anything.

  1. Hyperlocal service available
  2. Domestic shipments only
  3. No unnecessary hidden cost
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
7,000As per weightYesYes

Ecom Express

Ecom Express

Established in 2012, Ecom express can be considered one of the reliable courier companies in India serving only e-commerce companies. They provide domestic courier services and deliver 25,000 pin codes in India. Some of its expert-rated services include OC Reverse Logistics, ECOM network services, etc.

Key Features

  1. 2600 cities served
  2. Domestic shipment only
  3. The first-mile pickup and last-mile delivery facility.
  4. Serves in the remotest corners of the country.
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
25,000As per weightYesYes



Known to be one of the leading logistics companies in India, DHL is currently serving 220+ countries in the world. The company provides freight transportation, warehousing, distribution, and other supply chain solutions. DHL operates under blue dart. It has recently implemented the cross-border COD facilities that were not there before. The charges are quite affordable, and you can stay assured that your product will be delivered safely and efficiently.

Key feature

  1. Door to door deliveries
  2. International, domestic shipping
  3. Delivery in 4-5 business days
Serviceable areaShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
220+ countriesAs per weightYesYes



Gati is one of the top courier companies currently present in the southern pacific region and SAARC countries. They provide their services in more than a hundred critical locations. Gati has warehouses spread over 3.3 million square feet. Their pricing varies based on the weight of the product, and their charges are very reasonable. Established in 1989, Gati offers its services to both B2B and B2C audiences. 

Key Features

  1. Time-critical shipments
  2. High-speed cargo services
  3. Warehouse and fulfilment available
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
19,000As per weightYesYes



Established in 1990, DTDC has got its headquarters in Bangalore. They have more than 10,500 franchises, and their services are available in 240 international locations. They serve in more than 11,400 pin codes and are listed among India’s top 10 courier companies. 

  1. Value-added services available
  2. Domestic cargo shipments
  3. Intracity deliveries available
Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
11,400As per weightYesYes



Backed by DTDC that is trusted and well established in India’s logistics sector, DotZot is a pan-India delivery service provider. However, DotZot isn’t just another delivery company. It provides three services depending on the needs of the e-commerce company. Choose between Express, Economy, and Premium and deliver your order within 2-3 working days.

Serviceable PincodesShipping ChargesCOD facilityReverse Pickup
10,000As per weightYesYes

Key feature:

  1. Next business day delivery in all metros
  2. 2 to 3 days delivery pan India
  3. COD is available for selected pin codes only

Well, we have listed down a checklist that you will need to tick off before selecting a courier company. Read on.

Tips to follow before choosing a courier company 

Calculate Delivery Timing

Delivery timings play a crucial factor in determining the brand loyalty of a customer. If it takes more than seven days for a product to reach a customer, then that customer is more likely to switch to a different brand. Customers don’t like waiting. So if you want to maintain your brand loyalty, you must choose a fast courier company that delivers within 4-7 days. 

Understand the pricing 

Whenever you choose a reliable courier company in India, you must check whether their prices suit your business needs. Different companies have different pricing structures. Understand the pros and cons and then choose. Even though it is likely that you won’t choose one that’s excessively high, we would suggest not to settle for the cheapest courier company in India. 

Check for hidden costs

Many companies that offer courier services at a low price have many hidden charges involved. Do your research before proceeding. Hidden charges can drain out unnecessary expenses from your business.

Evaluate security

How safe is your logistics company? What if your products get damaged in transit? What if it’s lost? Logistics security is fundamental in an eCommerce business. Some companies don’t take responsibility for any lost or damaged products. So make sure you do not become a victim of that.

Check Availability

See if your courier partner has immediate availability. They should be able to pick up a product within a day of order placement. If they have delayed pick up timings, do not go for that.

See if they offer POD

POD, also known as proof of delivery, is essential when it comes to efficient logistics management. You need to be sure that the courier company is providing you with the assurance of delivery. 

Check for tracking options

There is the various level of tracking options provided by courier companies. Make sure you get the right tracking system. 

Look for size and weight limitations

Size and weight discrepancies are significant issues in the logistics industry. Check for reviews and other limitations before selecting a courier company for shipping.

The primary factor to consider

It often happens, especially for start-ups and small e-commerce companies, that they don’t always have an experienced team to handle the logistics problems daily. Customer service matters a lot for a successful e-commerce business.

Hence in such a competitive market, you cannot afford to lose a valuable customer for any logistics failure. That’s why we came up with iThink Logistics, where you can choose any logistics without worrying about the delivery issues and losing customers.

We are partnered with all the couriers mentioned above to make your shipping easy for you. We help you serve even in the remotest corner in India.

With the help of Artificial intelligence, we help you compare different courier partners so that you can choose the best for your business. We take a guarantee in reducing your RTO up to a significant rate.

You take care of your business while we take care of your logistics. 


How many courier companies are there in India? Even though we are not sure of the exact number, we can say if you start comparing it all, you will feel lost and confused. That’s why you narrowed down your search to these top 10 courier companies that are industry leaders and provide the best logistics solutions. If you have used any of these courier companies’ services, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below. Help someone grow their business and make the right choice. 

We will come back again with another helpful blog on our page. 

Till then, happy shipping!