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Same-Day Shipping: The Key to Customer Delight

Same day shipping

Same day shipping

Same day delivery is raging the Internet retail – and absolutely for all good reasons. Amazon’s profit more than doubled in the Jan-Mar quarter, thanks to soaring demand. If Amazon could figure out how to offer delivery in a matter of hours at a low cost, they could very well put retail stores out of business. 

But if you’re on the path of online business, then hop on and fasten your seatbelt as we take you on a ride to compete with big brands. Let us show you the checkpoints before we reach success.

There’s a sight ignorance and its advantages for consumers and brands/ companies regarding same-day delivery. But in recent years, the reduction in delivery time has lead to a very positive impact on e-commerce. According to a Go People report, almost 5 out of 10 consumers (49%) say that the same delivery is an added value when buying.

 There are various benefits of same-day delivery:

Among others… But before we delve deeper into talking about benefits, it is worth understanding the definition of this type of delivery.

Same day delivery is what the name suggests; it delivers products in less than 24 hours, preferably within the same day. For example: If a customer orders with you in the morning and opts for same-day delivery, then by night (same day), your customer will receive the product. Does it sound exciting? Want to try out for your business too? Keep reading as we unfold on how to offer same-day delivery.

Setting up your business to not only be able to fulfil but also deliver the products within 24 hours can be overwhelming. But, the following tips below can make the process much simpler for you. So, here’s how you do it:

Put Your Website To The Test

To begin with, it all starts with prepping your online store, i.e. your website, to be able to deliver the products within a day. To keep your customer delight, you should first test your website if everything is working seamlessly. With faster shipping, you need to ensure your website loads quickly, Website should be able to handle the surge in traffic, listings of the products are perfectly done, and the checkout page goes through without any glitches.

Being specific is terrific

We always say be limitless with your business, but when it comes to same-day delivery, we say limit your reach! Try to limit your target audience/ customers you will be offering the same-day delivery.

Take A Hint From Previous Year’s Sales

Go back to the accounts book and check what trends from the previous year got you more orders. What are people’s buying habits? Which category of products has received the highest orders? What delivery option worked the best and, based on the calculation, keep the stock ready.

Make Your Business Tech-Savvy

Embrace the technology to make your business functioning simpler. E.g. you can use to TradeGecko to manage the inventory, while another tool, Channel adviser, can help with data automation and analysis.

Join Hands With A Reliable Logistics Company

If you’re a small or medium-sized business looking to save your overhead costs, opting for the right logistics partner can be a good choice. While choosing your logistics partner, it is essential to check if they can provide you end-to-end service, including shipping, customer service, same-day shipping an accessible dashboard to track details and many more…

Use Multiple Fulfillment Centers:

After deciding to choose your reliable partner, it is essential to assemble your goods near your customers. Opt for the fulfillment service with your logistics partner to make your delivery process go faster and simpler.

Organise The Process To Monetise:

There is no need to complicate things for your staff and you. Conduct an audit to under their tasks and try to streamline and align them with your logistics partner. This will help to make your order fulfillment and shipping process go much faster and seamless.

Keep Your Items In Order

Nothing can slow down the same-day shipping and delivery like an unorganised godown. Manage your inventory effectively or adopt the inventory management method such as slotting or improving your inventory turnover.

Bridge The Communication Gap

If you’re a dropshipping or manage your warehouse, it is crucial to maintain good communication with your courier and fulfilment partners.

Note: In case of dropshipping, make sure the vendor is reachable within seconds and have the order processing as soon as possible.

Transparency Is The Key

Customers are the king, Indeed! Set the expectation with your customers regarding the cut off time. For example, if a customer placed an order at midnight, communicate with your customer and inform them that they will be shipped the following day. By keeping things transparent with your customers, they know when to place an order with you for faster delivery.

Lastly, Network is Networth

As rightly said, it is not about what you know but who you know. Make the right choices with logistics partner, fulfilment partner and others to make your business functioning a lot easier. By having the right set of partners, you can count on having the fast shipping and delivery goals much more accessible to obtain.

For same-day shipping and same-day delivery, how many of the above points have you checked off in the list? Let us know. After prepping the list to set your business for same-day shipping, it is time to decide who can offer same-day shipping. Let’s find it out!

Every retailer who has an online business can offer same-day shipping to their customers. If you’re running a small business, you can head to your local courier service to offer same-day delivery. But it becomes your responsibility to make sure it gets packed there on time. 

In case you’re loaded with many orders and looking for a third-party logistics partner, then iThink Logistics is right here at your service. Typing up with a third-party logistics company can help to reduce the shipping cost and ensure faster shipping. 

When an eCommerce company ties up with third-party logistics, they can explore various shipping methods at different prices to know which best suits them. 

The best is that they don’t have to handle any of the eCommerce fulfilment themselves. 

Final Word:

Same-day shipping is a powerful choice, but some eCommerce sellers hesitate because of the cost. While there is a focus on getting orders, don’t forget to opt for better and enhanced courier options. That’s the best way to attract more customers and ensure more purchases. 

Before you leave, we have got a question for you? Have you given your customer the service of same-day delivery? If not, then what’s stopping you from doing it?

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