Instagram Shopping Mastery: A Guide to Success

Instagram Shopping Mastery: A Guide to Success

With billions of users active on this Meta app, Instagram Shopping is rapidly emerging as the next best place to set up shop for your business.

While your online business is already hosted on its e-commerce website, this social media shopping tool is exactly what you need to boost sales and where you need to be right now! 

Setting up Your Instagram Shopping Account 

Step 1:  Ensure you have done everything on the following checklist.

  • Change your Creator Account to a Business Account and add opening hours, link to the website, timings, etc 
  • Ensure your product business is part of a supported business 
  • Comply with Instagram’s Commerce Eligibity Promises 

Step 2: Link your Business Account to a Facebook Business Page

As part of Meta’s policies, this is a crucial step to enable shoppable posts. 

Edit Profile → Public Business Information → Create/Connect to an existing Facebook Business Page

Step 3: Upload your Product Catalogue 

If you’re hosting your e-commerce business on third-party platforms like Shopify, it is very easy to import your existing product database onto your Instagram Business Account. 

In case you are unable to import, use the Commerce Manager to manually upload your products. 

Step 4: Submit your Account for Review 

Once you click on ‘Sign for Instagram Shopping’, Meta will take a few days to review your account and give you permission. 

Step 5: Ready! Set! GO!

It’s time to Turn On Instagram Shopping → Connect your product catalog → Done! 

Benefits of an Instagram Shopping Account

1. Increased Sales

Instagram Shopping allows users to purchase products directly from your posts, streamlining the buying process and increasing conversion rates.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Users can easily explore and shop your products within the app, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

3. Broader Reach

With billions of active users, Instagram provides a massive audience to showcase your products and reach potential customers worldwide.

4. Product Tagging

You can tag products in your posts, making it easy for customers to view details and prices, leading to better-informed purchase decisions.

5. Insights and Analytics

Gain valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and sales performance through Instagram’s analytics, helping you optimize your marketing strategies.


From influencer marketing to product catalogs to shoppable stories to sponsored posts, the world of Instagram Shopping ads is more popular than ever. Make the most of this time by setting up your social media shopping page and grow your business!  

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