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How to fulfill Logistics expectations of online customers

e-commerce shipment

It had become quite old when people used to buy online because of the lower prices of products. Nowadays people order online because of many reasons including product quality, delivery speed, in short, the overall experience with a brand.

Today customers demand both choice and flexibility when it comes to receiving their online purchase. Your customers won’t mind leaving the shopping cart abandoned if they don’t find satisfactory delivery options.

A purchase is made to satisfy a need or want, and delivery is the key to how quickly this need is fulfilled.

Today, your e-commerce delivery strategy is more critical than ever. Unlike the previous generation, today people are seamlessly integrating with digital technology and choices in everyday life. This is the reason they also expect fast and seamless customer experience in e-commerce.

Online retailers today are competing mainly on delivering excellent customer experience.

While making an online purchase, people are not only comparing the product price and quality; they compare the shipping services too! Then, How to fulfill shipping expectations of online shoppers?

Not all retailers are meeting customer expectations.

Not all customers feel that retailers are meeting their expectations regarding delivery speed and options.

Let’s have a look where retailers are failing to do so.

According to industry research, 68% of consumers would like to opt for guaranteed delivery within 2 to 3 days while only 30% retailers offered this option.

80% shoppers are expecting to see the expected delivery dates for the products they are selecting.

Your customers find delivery dates essential while checking out.

It is equally important to provide enough delivery information and delivery options. It has an enormous impact.

1. You build trust in your customers’ mind

2. There is a less chance of loss of sale.

Nearly 35% online shoppers left the cart abandoned due to shipping time was too long or not provided at all.

One out of five shoppers mentioned that speedy delivery is the main reason they prefer to shop from marketplaces.

What delivery options are you offering and what your customers are expecting?

1.Expected delivery dates

It is a fact that users care about the date of delivery. The primary concern of buyers while checking out is “when will I receive my order?”. Users are more concerned about delivery dates than shipping speed.

It is also advisable to mention the date and not to mention “next day” or “three days”. Such information ends up misleading customers.

2.Customers want reminders and updates

Update your customers when and what time they can expect the order. Frequent communication will help your customers to prepare for receiving the shipment.

Prioritize proactive communication with your customers so that they need to check for the delivery updates and they do not have to take the pain to track the shipment. This builds trust for your brand.

3.Rectifying poor delivery experience

Poop delivery experience damages the reputation of your online shop badly. Today’s digitally empowered customers will not hesitate to share the poor experience they had with your brand on social media and forums.

When fulfillment goes wrong, retailers need to rectify that by providing additional customer service and making things right for the satisfaction of a customer.

4.Provide enough delivery options

Keep shipping options that will vary based on the price and customer needs. Some people may choose the longest delivery time to save some bucks and others may prefer the fastest delivery in spite of the extra charges.

Give your customers the freedom to choose the preferable delivery options as per their needs.

A fast and convenient return process

What customers expect while returning an item online?

As little effort as possible

As low cost as possible

Receiving the refund as quickly as possible

Transparency about whether the return was accepted and when they will receive the money back

What problems are customers facing regarding online order delivery?

  1. No timely delivery
  2. Delivery of wrong product
  3. Not addressing the customer complaint
  4. Product damaged/lost
  5. Fake updates/status from courier partner

See these problems as an opportunity.

Implement all possible solutions to your online store’s shipment strategy.

It is crucial to understand that shoppers’ shipping desires play a significant role in a final purchase decision.

Shoppers are willing to buy from the brand that gives them the most convenient and customised options.

Unless you are Amazon, you probably do not specialise in supply chain and logistics operations, and more likely you are not going to have the infrastructure and resources either.

Then why not try a logistics aggregator to solve all the problems at once? Get your shipment right for the first with the services of logistics aggregator to maximise your delivery and utmost customer satisfaction.

Consider logistics aggregator to streamline your e-commerce shipping.

1. Choose from multiple courier partners

2. Timely COD remittances

3. One-point support contact activated 24×7

4. In-depth shipping efficiency analytics

5. The automated inflow of information through API integration

6. No minimum volume commitment

Moreover, maximise your delivery percentage and

7. Smoothly manage your NDRs (Non-delivered report)

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Final word:

The point is, online buyers are fickle by nature. If it takes too long to reach the product, you may never get it to them. Give them the options they want to see while browsing through the products at your store. Make the delivery right at the first time and turn first time buyer into a regular customer.

Order delivery can make or break your brand reputation and getting it right is essential to the profitability of your online business.

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