Ensuring Quality control in eCommerce Packaging


For running a successful business and making it big in the world of eCommerce, you need to pay attention to the packaging. This is the first thing that your customers would notice about the parcel. Once you ship the product, it goes through a lot, such as temperature changes, manhandling, etc. 

You have to ensure that you pick the right products and run necessary tests so that the packaging is top-notch. The idea is to never give customers a chance to complain. A damaged packaging would obviously hamper your reputation and that particular client might think twice before making a purchase from your company in the future. 

Tips for proper quality control

This is why we always recommend proper quality control for eCommerce packaging. It might take some time and effort but it is totally worth it. 

Here are some tips for the best way to control quality in eCommerce packaging. Take a look.

Test Sample

Firstly, you should start with a test sample. This is the initial step for quality control in eCommerce packaging. When you are launching a new product or just sending the parcel to customers, you are obviously excited by the reviews and how much they would appreciate the product. However, do not send them the shipment without running certain checks. Even though you are in hurry, you need to adhere to these steps. Buy one or two packaging materials from the supplier and run the tests on the boxes. 

Begin quality control with your test samples. Check how they can withstand several conditions.

Carton Drop Test

This is done to test the durability of a package. You should make it go through the stresses of shipping and handling. It basically mimics the rough handling of boxes that happens during the shipping process. From the time when the package leaves the factory until the time the customer gets the package, it goes through an entire process. 

Now the question is whether the package can sustain the pressure of such incidents on not. If it does, then you can continue with the material. Otherwise, you have to change the same. A series of drops would help you determine if the packaging is robust enough or not. 

However, the tearing of the carton is a red signal. This can mean that your package wouldn’t arrive at the destination in the same condition when it left the factory. Do not get fooled by the outer side of the shipment. It might happen that there is no wear and tear on the outside but the products inside have broken. You should open the package and check the same. 

You should aggressively test the samples and note down the changes in the packages. This would obviously help you make the right decision. You should communicate this to the supplier or manufacturer so that even they know what adjustments to make to your eCommerce packaging. You should have a clear conversation in order to make them understand what exactly you are looking for. The sample should be the best version of your product. You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your brand image. 

Check the Packaging Materials

Here are some of the ways in which the packaging can get damaged during transit. Some of them are:

  • Temperature changes such as humid weather conditions
  • Mishandling of third parties
  • Multiple drops

You have to make sure that the sealing methods are in place when you are packing the items. Also, packing fragile belongings must be padded with the right materials and fillers so that they don’t get damaged or ruined. One can also use bubble wraps, packing paper, etc. 

You need to specify what you want as the inner packaging to the supplier. Notably, products can break or chip if there is excessive movement during transit and the inner packaging is flimsy. Proper sealing of the inner packaging is required as well.

Communicate with your Supplier

Your packaging standards do not have to match that of your suppliers.  This is the reason why you should tell them what you are looking for. Make sure that you keep everything is in writing so that there are no disputes later on. If you are having a face-to-face meeting, follow up with an email with everything that has been discussed during the time. You also need to ask the supplier to confirm the mail’s receipt. Do not miss out on points like preferred color shade for packaging, inner padding, etc.

Perform the Final Inspection

Lastly, perform the final inspection of the materials you receive from the supplier. You should tell everyone how important quality control is to you. You should also inform them that an inspection company will be checking the packaging.

Check for Shipping Labels and Barcodes

Checking labels and barcodes also come under quality control checks of eCommerce packaging. Missing labels or barcodes can delay the shipment of your package. Provide your packaging partner with shipping labels, etc. Other things to keep a note pf are poor printing of barcode, such as faded ink, low contrast between the information and background, missing bars, etc. The label should crease or peel as well. The wrong orientation of the barcode is another mistake to keep a note of.

They should be applied in a way so that they are readable. These are minute things you should consider. The buyer details, item description, and number, barcode, etc. should be readable. Improper packaging cam delays shipment by multiple days.


While you pay all the attention to your product, a lack of attention to packaging control can totally ruin your brand image. It can disappoint the customers in a very bad way. It can also delay transit.

Performing drop tests, asking an independent or third-party inspector to visit the supplier’s facility, etc. can save you from packaging blunders. A little bit of detailing or color coding can bring a smile on your customer’s face. This should be your end goal. The last thing you want is product return or customer complaints.

Some of the most protective materials such as Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, foam, etc. You should take special protection when it comes to fragile items, such as cutlery, wine glasses, mirrors, etc. It all depends on the kinds of products you manufacture.

Stress on your products is something unavoidable. Allow the box to freefall on a hard floor with no interference.

You should also check for compliance with brand packaging rules and regulations. Many people face issues with overcrowded warehouses. So these are a few tips that would ensure quality control for eCommerce packaging. Follow these tips and you are good to go. 

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