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E-commerce delivery trends that give customer positive experience

To all e-commerce retailers, you can’t afford to take a vacation when it comes to delivering customer experience.

E-commerce delivery trends is exploited almost by every nook and corner in India.

Then what difference do you make to stand out from the crowd?

We are in the new industrial age of “experience economy” where customer experience is uber important for e-commerce success.

Customer prefers not just tangible product and product benefits but the overall delightful interaction they have with your brand.

A study says that the customer experience will overtake the product pricing as a critical competition and differentiation factor.

E-commerce customer experience is the next big thing which you must aim to compete for.

Customer experience is beyond only delivery experience. Delivery is just a part of it. Here I am going to discuss what contributes to providing a positive delivery experience to your customers.

However, what is a positive delivery experience from a customer’s point of view?

A study says that 56% of buyers prefer one retailer over another because of the flexible delivery options.

The delivery options they provided were more appealing and convenient.

Moreover, many of them confessed that they left the cart abandoned because there was no delivery choice.

This has been clear that retailers with better and convenient delivery options get an added advantage over others.

Provide clear communication at every point of purchasing journey

Customers expect a clear communication at every stage of their buying journey.

This includes and begins with the product page itself.

Most of the shoppers expect to see the delivery options clearly on the product page.

This becomes easy for customers to make a decision as per their requirement.

Retailers, let’s face this. Not everyone has time to wait long to receive the product.

There are people who willing to pay more to get the shipment on a specific day and time.

Then why not to give them the options?

More delivery options

Drive customer satisfaction

Reduces order cancellation

Order acknowledgement

Acknowledge once you confirm the customer order. This is to verify that the order has been successfully placed.

Send them the order confirmation email. This reduces the post-purchase anxiety from the customer and gives a sense of reliability for your brand.

Image source: My Gmail

Shipping confirmation

Shipping updates throughout the purchase journey keep your customers tuned with your product and brand.

Let your customers be excited about the order.

Include expected delivery date and time.

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Order tracking

A majority of customers expect you to provide an order tracking facility.

The shoppers’ rate order tracking system as a vital part of the overall delivery and customer experience.

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It helps to meet your customers’ need for accuracy. It keeps your customer informed throughout the entire fulfilment and delivery process.

Be proactive

Communicate at every fulfillment and delivery stage for a better E-commerce delivery trends

An active communication throughout the order journey builds customer trust.

This sets clear expectations about when the order will arrive. Effective communication helps to reduce the potential for order cancellation.

It boosts customer confidence and satisfaction.

Communicate when a problem occurs

Inform your customer when there is a delay or any other issue while delivering their shipment.

Communication is the key.

Let them know what exactly has happened and justify them. Apologize for the same.

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Increase successful delivery at one go with reminder and updates

“Deliver once, deliver right”

Deliver on-time as promised, this can make or break your brand’s reputation.

It is highly essential to the profitability of your online store.

Inform your customers clearly about when they can expect the shipment so that they can be present to collect the order or make necessary arrangements for the same.

In the end, the customer wants to receive their order on time with least hassle.

Moreover, keeping your customers informed is a plus point for you as well.

Frequent communications will help you to deliver the shipment at one go successfully.

Record post-purchase experience and improve the e-commerce delivery trends

Once you have successfully delivered the product to customers, request them to give feedback.

This gives your customers a feeling of being heard.

Furthermore, it helps you to improve your service and work on the areas which your customers have highlighted.

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Rectify poor delivery experience

Poor delivery experiences hurt your online brand badly.

You can potentially lose customers who had lousy delivery experience with your brand.

In this digital age, disappointed customers will not mind broadcasting their reviews on websites and social media.

Moreover, when fulfilment goes wrong, it costs you an additional customer service cost to make it up for the bad experience.

In addition to this, 56% customers agree that online reviews influence their purchase decisions.

When a customer is raising their concern, respond to them. No matter whether you or the delivery partner is responsible for the bad experience, it is ultimately damaging your reputation.

Tips to handle negative customer reviews

1. Respond to every comment and review for your products and services. Listen to the customer patiently and make a sincere apology.

2. Be proactive. Do not frustrate your customers by asking them to contact you back.

3. Consider customers’ need and preferences and deliver the product as promised.

Search out and eliminate the areas where you are lacking.

Streamlining e-commerce delivery trends

Here, note that communication is the key. Your profitable online business can go wrong when you fail to provide a satisfactory product delivery.

I highly recommend considering logistics aggregator to streamline the delivery process for your online business.

Why logistics aggregator?

1. Choose from multiple courier partners

2. No platform setup fees

3. Sync orders with easy API integration

4. Shipment tracking from your dashboard

5. Receive COD remittances weekly

6. Competitive shipping rates

7. No minimum order commitments

So many more

Final words

Exploit every opportunity to maximize successful first-time delivery. Your online profitability is highly dependent on the successful delivery at one go.

Having the lowest price or sound quality products only won’t help you gain the customers. It takes more than just quality and price to beat the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Start thinking about how you can create an exceptional delivery experience for your customers when they visit your online store.

This can be made possible through the seamless integration of your e-commerce store with a reliable delivery partner.

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