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Celebrating Six Years of iThink Logistics

Celebrating Six Years of iThink Logistics

Do you know that feeling you get when you pursue something you are genuinely passionate about?

It’s like basking in the sun during spring, the joy and warmth you feel when you realize your actions made a difference. 

We at iThink Logistics have been working with one mission: to provide shipping solutions and provide our customers with the shipments they have been longing so much to deliver.

But damn, we can’t believe it’s already 6 years of solving your problems 😉

This anniversary is a special occasion for us because it is pinching us to accept the reality – of our growth and success. Let’s take a moment of reflection, shall we?

 Reflecting on the journey

Main udna chahta hun, daudna chahta hun. Girna bhi chahta hun. Bas, rukna nahi chahta”. This suits iThink’s journey in the best possible way!

Nikul completed his engineering at 25 years of age and he knew this wasn’t for him. Instead, he chose to go ahead with Paresh, to make something of himself. Bye bye pocket money 😉 

However, aren’t you curious about the road ahead? Let’s take a peek!

Paresh had the ambition and capability to chase his dreams – of having a high-class business model of transportation logistics.

Just like Kabir, Paresh went ahead to chase his dreams in Surat and with small successes, asked Vipul to join him in the journey, by becoming partners.

Two other friends joined them, and wished we could say ‘rest is history’. 

The real struggle began when they started with the groundwork – sales, operations, finding sellers, etc.

While on the field, they saw that there’s a market for small packages regarding e-commerce shipments, and realized the existence of second-order shipments which require a tech interface.

No one beats us there! And yes, the rest is HISTORY

Two quotes never go wrong: a) friends are for life, and b) anything is possible with enough dedication and innovation.

We all sat together post-Diwali in 2017, with just sandwiches, and started talking about the ‘nerdy business’ stuff to begin our journey!

Celebrating Where We Are Today

It’s not just out of politeness when we say our progress is sheer out of commitment.

There’s no way we would have been able to do what we did if it wasn’t because of our dedication and patience. 

iThink will never forget celebrating its Milestones. They are just a little too precious for us. However, the biggest ones so far were:

  1. A seller gave us 1000 orders in a single day. Yes, 1000 ORDERS. That was one of our proudest moments. 
  2. This is worthy of a drumroll celebration, but iThink broke the record of 10,000 shipments. Big numbers, big profitability. 
  3. During 2018-19, we were doing brilliantly in Surat; almost every seller was using iThink for shipments. Kudos to Zaiba Sarang. It’s such an honor to have you with us. 

Of course, we believe in Surf Excel’s tagline – Daag acche hai, because bro same.

There’s no success without failure and good for us we realized it early on. In the beginning, when we were newbies trying to figure out the workings,we were met with a fraud and this led to a huge loss. 

Fortunate for us to solve this issue because otherwise, you would be reading out the obituary right now. 

Celebrating Crucial part of success

Now, how can we forget the people who led us to this achievement?

That includes you. Yes, you, our office members, and sellers. You all believed in our motive, and our mission, and supported us to reach where we are today. 

To be very frank, iThink wouldn’t have functioned the way it has for so long if we didn’t have these amazing hoomans ensuring that all the work was finished.

With utmost efficiency. The stability of an organization comes first and foremost from the people who are helping to run it, and you all managed that with utmost perfectionism. 

Oh, and where to start with our sellers? Simple though, how can a business function without customers, you all went above and beyond being just sellers.

You trusted us in our lows and highs and believed when we said we want your best. 

Even if your excuse to support us is high customer satisfaction, timely deliveries, and a good interface (legends will know how difficult this is), our gratitude for you will never be enough!

Our Future Plans

If you have been with iThink for long enough, you would know how seriously the commemoration of creativity happens here.

I mean, we left our respective fields to pursue the legacy of shipments. 

But right now, our biggest plan worthy of celebrating is to launch an IPO for iThink and develop a mirror glass building for the same. Fancy stuff is on its way! 

Now, we can’t disclose our new products here. We don’t want to be the Tom Holland who is shut up every time he opens his mouth during an interview.

This is a classic example of a spoiler hazard lmao. Remembrance and addition are two things we are marching forward with and hopefully, that is enough.

To Conclude..

Oh don’t flatter us, we know we are witty and amazing.

It just so happens that the excitement of completing six years of this journey and celebrating it with you all is just exacerbating it. You see, we are all fancy now 😉

No, but it’s either this or tears, and we prefer being witty thank you very much.

But truly, we express our gratitude to everyone who has worked with us, through successes and failures, to reach where we are today.

These milestones are special to us and we hope to make more of them as we move along!

Of course, there is a lot of exciting stuff you should mark your calendars for because we cannot possibly leave you without new tech, right?

So hold on as you will be seeing in the coming weeks a – oops, this is a spoiler-free space! All we can say is, IT’S GOING TO BE SUPER EXCITING!

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