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Benefits Of Having A Branded Tracking Page For Your eCommerce Business

Benefits Of Having A Branded Tracking Page For Your eCommerce Business?

“Where is my order?”

“It’s been a week since I placed my order! Where is it now?”

“My order has still not come!!! Where has it reached?”

“Why is the delivery taking so long?”

If you’ve been bombarded with such questions in your inbox, that means you’re an eCommerce retailer.

Getting people to shop from your website is the easy part. Handling their impatience and logistical delays is the more difficult one. 

This is where a branded tracking page eases the pain on both fronts.

For the customers, it shows them the long journey their product is going through and provides transparency as to its whereabouts all the time/real-time.

For the retailer, it provides peace of mind due to less complaints and less queries by the customer. 

A branded tracking page is essentially a page where your users/buyers can get detailed updates as to the whereabouts of their purchased products/orders placed.

In eCommerce business language, it is a link where your customers can know the order status of their purchase while it passes through the multiple steps of order fulfillment.  

1. Gives your customers the feeling of being in control

It would be wonderful if Instagram reels came to life. If only a user could select a product online, snap their fingers, and have it in the palm of their hand, order shipment tracking and delivery hassles wouldn’t be a problem.

But in a world where this is not possible, a shipment tracking page does wonders in building a good brand image and enhancing your customer’s post-purchase experience. 

A branded tracking page adds a layer of transparency to your eCommerce business by elevating the customer’s post-purchase experience.

It clearly states at what time and from which location/warehouse was the order shipped and dispatched.

For orders coming from a distance, it also shows the time and details of all the pit-stops at different junctions/warehouses of the order.

Moreover, it goes the extra mile and also updates the customer on the exact time of arrival at their doorstep.

This in turn reduces the chances of non-delivery and ensures smooth COD or acceptance of the order.  

2. Reduction in Buyer’s Remorse

Imagine ordering at a restaurant and waiting for your food. The first 10 minutes don’t raise questions. The next 10 mins test your patience.

And after 20 or more minutes of not having received your order, you ask the waiter for an update.

Getting an answer that says ‘It is being made’ will not only arouse anger but also ruin your impression of the restaurant, regardless of the food tasting amazing.

It is when you question your decision of choosing this restaurant. 

Put this in the eCommerce world, and it is exactly what is called Buyer’s Remorse. 

It is when customers start questioning their choice of placing an order on your marketplace. 

When they see the words ‘in transit’ / ‘on the way’ / ‘order is enroute’ after anxiously waiting for their parcel to arrive, it is likely to make them regret shopping from your website.

While shipping delays are not new, giving a clear explanation on the location of the package at all times makes the customers feel valued.

Manufacturing/buying products, marketing them, creating a beautiful marketplace and then losing your customers to lack of information on shipping delays? You certainly don’t want to waste all that effort! 

3. Takes away the hassle of ‘where is my order?’

Speaking of delays, the moment the customer’s patience runs out, panic kicks in. Especially when the parcel is a gift or has come at a hefty price.

The immediate conclusion that people draw is ‘I wasted my money/I will never order from here again!.’

The next immediate response is to desperately bombard the customer care executives through a process that is complicated and get an answer that is disappointing.  

With a branded order tracking page, even a slight delay in shipment doesn’t cause panic.

For starters, when customers are informed via the page and sent an SMS/email apologizing for the delay, they feel informed and valued.

This prevents them from making angry calls about the whereabouts of their order.

It also provides an overall positive experience and portrays your brand as reliable.

As an online store owner, provide a custom tracking link to avoid bad mouthing, money-back requests, and disgruntled customers. 

For eg: Amazon, an eCommerce business giant, is doing very well in this space. By giving the customers, step by step transfer updates, it has gained the reputation of being the most trustworthy brand in the business.

Customers order from Amazon in spite of the product having its own online store because of Amazon’s reliable deliveries. 

4. Increased Brand Visibility & Loyalty

Protects the consumer from the hassle of visiting your third-party provider’s landing page.

Allows the consumer to stay in the universe of your brand with your logo and language on the branded tracking page.

The biggest benefit of this is that the customer feels you are with them every step of the way since you have not passed the responsibility of your order to a third-party logistics provider, even when you may actually have.

In the absence of a branded tracking page customers feel abandoned and are forced to interact with people/customer service executives of a brand they didn’t buy from.

It can also lead to feelings of betrayal and ruining of the brand experience in extreme cases, especially when your third party logistics provider is unable to answer correctly.

Answering the consumer with a custom tracking page is great to induce brand loyalty and positive reviews that can be published on social media. 

5. Increased Cross Selling /Up-selling Opportunity

Since you’re already making a brander order tracking page for delivery updates, you can use it as an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell!

With the user coming onto this custom tracking page, their mind is already filled with thoughts about your brand.

Smartly placing banners of on-going sales/discounts can get the customer to add more to their cart immediately.

A classic example of cross-selling and upselling through a branded tracking page is given below. 

For eg: A user has purchased an iPhone 14 and is on the link to check it’s order status.  A clickable banner below the link can be provided to upsell iPhone 14’s phone case and custom charger. In cross selling, it can be used to provide relevant product recommendations. 

All in all, it extends your user’s experience with your e-commerce platform by being a part of their post-sale journey. 

Wait! Get your branded tracking page checklist right below!

Here’s what you can add to your Branded Tracking Page for getting its maximum benefits:

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